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Quality Control

Food machinery is a kind of mechanical products with various types and quantities of parts, complex remanufacturing processes, various parameters and high requirements for assembly and manufacturing quality. It often has complex product structure and function, and the design and manufacturing process are complicated. Hybrid mechanical structure. Remanufacturing of complex food machinery products is the process of recycling, repairing, rehabilitating and maintaining performance of mechanical products. Recycling, disassembling and cleaning of used and complex food machinery products, and then using various non-destructive testing methods to check various quality defects such as fatigue, cracks and stress concentration of mechanical parts, according to the actual situation of wear, fracture, deformation and corrosion of parts , using technical means to perform component failure analysis and remaining life calculation, and then carry out specialized repair processing, combine remanufactured parts and new parts, control assembly errors, restore product performance, and improve product life. Save costs and recycle and recycle waste complex machinery products.

(II) Characteristics of quality control work for complex expanded food machinery products
Different from the traditional quality control of the manufacturing process of puffed food machinery products, the quality of remanufacturing of complex puffed food machinery products is generally higher than that of new products. The remanufacturing process is often applied to a large number of new technologies and new functions, and then remanufactured puffed food products. The quality and performance are often better than new products, so the quality control of remanufacturing of complex puffed food machinery products is closely related to the technological level of remanufacturing technology. The quality control of remanufacturing of complex puffed food machinery products is generally managed and optimized from the aspects of quality participation and objectives of the remanufacturing process. The various factors affecting the quality of remanufacturing in the remanufacturing process are carefully intervened and subdivided into quality factors and There are two types of quality characteristics. In the remanufacturing process, the quality requirement is the total set of quality information, which is the specific indicator that should be controlled in the remanufacturing process. The quality characteristic is the process parameter that may affect the final quality of the product during the remanufacturing process, including equipment status and parameters. Factors such as errors, thermodynamic uncertain disturbances, and the inherent assembly quality attributes of the product itself, such as size, position, relative motion position, and surface quality.

Second, microwave machinery product remanufacturing process quality control
(1) Assembly deviation control
1 Component deviation, tolerance description. Mechanical products are composed of components. The geometric accuracy of the components has a direct impact on the final quality of the microwave machinery. It is directly reflected in the final work schedule, durability, reliability and service life of the product. Cost control also has a certain impact. The deviation of microwave mechanical equipment is the algebraic difference between a certain size and the nominal size. There are two types of actual deviation and limit deviation. The actual deviation is the difference between the actual size and the nominal size. The limit deviation is the algebraic difference between the limit size and the nominal size. There are limits on the upper limit. The tolerance is the allowable range of variation of the shape and mutual position of the component geometry. It is the tolerance range for the machining error. According to the performance of the product, the tolerance can be appropriately increased under the premise of satisfying the performance. Tolerance is the requirement for precision and economy of parts manufacturing, and is related to the difficulty of remanufacturing. The smaller the tolerance, the higher the manufacturing precision, and the higher the manufacturing cost and difficulty. In the remanufacturing of microwave mechanical equipment, there is a clear distinction and relationship between tolerance and limit deviation. It is the requirement for the uniformity of the workpiece size. It is not possible to judge whether the component size meets the quality requirement according to the tolerance, and the limit deviation is the limit value of the dimensional deviation. If the limit is exceeded, it means that the part is unqualified.

2 Remanufacturing parts and components of microwave machinery equipment degradation competition. The remanufacturing quality of microwave mechanical equipment is very uncertain. After the components enter the microwave mechanical equipment remanufacturing process, they are subjected to various process information in various processes, and finally represent the final quality of the remanufactured parts. In theory, All the quality information should be recorded on the remanufactured parts. However, in the process of processing, the subsequent process will cause the loss of the trace quality of the previous processing, which leads to the relative blurring between the carrier and the quality information, and it is difficult to form a clear measure of quality. The relationship between many factors and the source of assembly deviation is not clear. During the service period of microwave mechanical equipment products, the residual strength of the product has changed during the service process, and the difference is not met. For the newly assembled mechanical parts, even if the surface meets the roughness requirements, the surface is still uneven on the microscopic surface. If the assembly contact surfaces are directly embedded in each other without running-in, under the condition of a large pressure, mutual cutting will occur in the relative motion, resulting in severe wear in a short time. In this case, it is unwise to use an equal-life design for the remanufacturing process, because the remanufactured object is a mechanical product that has been in service for a period of time, and it is difficult to achieve the ideal state of all components to achieve the same life, different components. The life expectancy has two uncertainties: the dispersion of the life of similar components and the “bucket theory” of the life of different types of components. In the remanufacturing design stage, the critical short plates that affect product performance are strengthened to improve the performance of the core components. , can achieve the use of products with multiple life cycles.

(2) Assembly deviation control
Micro-mechanical equipment remanufactured parts are often repaired parts. Different damage conditions and repair techniques make the parts have different quality and dimensional tolerances, forming a dynamic discrete event system. Considering that the size of the remanufactured parts of the microwave mechanical equipment is not a nominal size, there is a certain difference between the assembly deviation degree and the assembly deviation degree of the new product. For the remanufacturing process, the assembly deviation is the accumulation of process deviations of the assembly parts with different mating relationships under different assembly sequences, reflecting the success rate of one assembly, which can be expressed as follows:

Where: k-deviation control phase;

System assembly total deviation weight and random uncertainty deviation weight in ωs, ωe-k phase; weight of ωt, ωb-αsi, βei; n-assembly connection structure tree; αsi, βei-join structure assembly system assembly deviation degree, connection The structure is assembled with random uncertainty.

The remanufacturing assembly process is a dynamic stochastic uncertain process system. The component tolerance accuracy is graded based on the assembly deviation factor, and the quality constraints of the complex mechanical product remanufacturing process are established. Finally, the deviation optimization function that minimizes the assembly deviation of different parts can be obtained. :

According to this function, it is possible to guide the deviation control of the complex remanufacturing assembly process.

(3) Quality Control Optimization Algorithm
In the remanufacturing of microwave mechanical equipment, it faces various uncertainties that occur immediately. It is very difficult to control the accurate quality information of the remanufacturing process, and it is impossible to carry out the global quality control work effectively. Therefore, the rolling time domain optimization method can be adopted. The global quality control work is divided into a number of quality control domains, forming a set of deviations, and subdividing the accuracy of each component according to the accuracy, and performing local dynamic monitoring of the quality deviation.

In the actual control work, the quality of the remanufacturing process is obtained by taking the state before the process as the base point, analyzing the correlation of the quality information according to the process sequence, dividing the global quality control area, and transforming the generalized global control problem into an online scrolling series. Local problems, then find the key points of quality control in different processes, transform the quality control domain into the quality control point matrix, the problem turns into rolling to control multiple optimizers, the rolling process continues, using real-time dynamic adaptive mechanism The process is carried out, and the optimal solution of the quality control of the entire reproduction process is composed of the optimal solution of the partial process.

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