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Castor oil refining equipment is the necessary equipment for the production of castor oil. The use of oil is an indispensable ingredient in daily life. Its nutritional value is also particularly high. Its nutritional value is extracted from oil extraction equipment. So, if you want to eat healthy, you still have good mechanical equipment.

Leader Machinery is a leading professional company engaged in the research, design and engineering of oils and fats, oil refining, grease dewaxing, fractionation and biodiesel. Years of research and engineering practice have enabled the company to establish a good reputation in the industry and have accumulated strong strength. Mainly engaged in grain and oil engineering technical research, results transformation and application, process design, equipment manufacturing, installation and commissioning, to undertake a complete set of turnkey projects.

【Molecular Formula】 C57H104O9

Castor oil is a triglyceride of fatty acids, and castor oil is present in the seeds of castor, and its content is 35% to 57.%. Castor oil is obtained by extraction or solvent extraction.

Castor oil fatty acid contains 90% ricinoleic acid (9-alkenyl-12•hydroxyoctadecanoic acid). The hydroxyl value is 163 mgKOH/g, the hydroxyl content is 4.94%, and the molecular weight is 929.26 according to the hydroxyl group. Containing 70% trifunctionality and 30% difunctionality, the hydroxyl group has an average functionality of 2.7. Polyurethane adhesives made from castor oil have good low temperature performance, hydrolysis resistance and excellent electrical insulation.

Castor oil contains a lot of ricinoleic acid (more than 80%) and therefore has many unique properties:

1. Soluble in ethanol, difficult to dissolve in petroleum ether. The presence of this property makes it easier to distinguish castor oil from other oils.

2. Viscosity is much higher than general grease, 680 CPS at 25 o'clock, viscosity index 84, and low friction coefficient (0.1). At the same time, castor oil is insoluble in gasoline, with a low freezing point and a high ignition point. Castor oil has good fluidity. Refined castor oil can still flow at -22 hours, and no turbidity after -50 rapid cooling. It is the ideal lubricating oil for lubricating oil and power belt for aviation and high-speed machinery.

3. It has a strong optical rotation because its asymmetric fatty acid in the main fatty acid, ricinoleic acid, is after the 12th position.

4. The dielectric constant is about 4.30, which is the highest among common fats and oils.

5. The relative density and acetyl value of castor oil are greater than the general oil.

6. Castor oil has almost no oxidative rancidity in the air, and has good storage stability. It is a typical non-drying liquid oil.

Castor oil traits:

This product is a clear colorless or slightly yellowish clear viscous liquid; gas micro; taste light and then micro-sweet. This product is easily soluble in ethanol and can be mixed with anhydrous ethanol, chloroform, ether or glacial acetic acid. The relative density should be 0.956 to 0.969 at 25 ° C (Appendix VII A). The refractive index should be 1.478 to 1.480 (Appendix VII F). ]

Castor oil has high economic value, it is a medicinal laxative; textile, chemical and light industry departments use castor oil as a dyeing aid, lubricant, plasticizing, emulsifying and manufacturing materials for paints, paints, soaps and inks. .

Castor oil is treated with concentrated sulfuric acid to give a surface-active sulfate (commonly known as Turkish red oil). Dehydration of castor oil gives a dry fat with a conjugated double bond. Castor oil can be obtained in a variety of products under different hydrogenation conditions, so castor oil is widely used in various industrial sectors. Castor oil is the closest to the pure compound monoglyceride. Among the common oils, only olive oil (containing about 80% oleic acid), safflower oil (more than 70% linoleic acid) and tung oil (about 85% of tung acid) ) has this feature.

The unsaponifiable content of castor oil is less than 1%. The vitamin content is low (about 0.05).

Castor seeds have high oil content. Because of the different uses of oil, the oil extraction method is also different. The medicinal castor oil is cold pressed by a water press, and the temperature does not exceed 50. Otherwise, some impurities will dissolve into the oil and cannot be used for medicinal purposes. The oil obtained by cold pressing is referred to as castor oil No. 1. After the cake is pulverized, it is pressed or leached again to obtain No. 3 castor oil (No No. 2) for industrial use. The direct pressing with a screw press or the pre-press-leaching of castor oil can only be used as an industrial oil.

Leader Machinery has a design department, engineering department, equipment manufacturing plant, research and development center and passed ISO900 certification. There are 12 senior engineers, 21 engineers, and 4 professors and associate professors. The oil and fat project under construction covers more than ten provinces and cities such as Shandong, Fujian, Shanxi, Xinjiang and Heilongjiang. The complete sets of equipment are exported to Southeast Asian countries such as Myanmar and Thailand, and the general contracting of engineering technology has been completed. It has scientific achievements and a number of patented technologies that have passed national appraisal.
Leader Machinery refining equipment is the result of research and discussion by our professional engineers. We will not sell the equipment with good quality. Only our refining equipment is worthy of recognition. Our customers will be more and more, and the social impact will be better. Our edible oil equipment is on the move to China and even to the international market. The reason why our best-selling products are our products are good quality, reasonable price and after-sales service can also achieve customer satisfaction.

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