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The current situation of peanut processing industry in China (2)


Current status of peanut processing industry in China

China's peanut processing and utilization status Since the 1990s, China's peanut industry has developed rapidly, and the export trade volume has also increased substantially, which has promoted the increase of peanut processing capacity in China.

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The current situation of peanut processing industry in China (2)

In the 1990s, the average annual processing capacity of peanuts in China increased by nearly 40% compared with the 1980s. Peanut oil is the main way to use peanuts in China. Due to the continuous improvement of processing technology and peanut quality, the oil yield and quality of peanut oil are continuously improved. Peanut roasting machine

However, with the increase in peanut processing methods, the proportion of total peanut utilization for food processing and direct consumption has increased year by year, and the proportion used for oil extraction has decreased year by year. In the 1990s, the proportion of peanuts used for oil extraction in China accounted for 58% of the total peanut utilization in the country, which was 6 percentage points lower than that in the 1980s. The increasing use of peanut processing has in turn promoted the development of peanut production in China.

Current status of peanut processing industry in China At present, the peanut processing products in the domestic market are mainly peanut oil, and there are many other types of products, such as peanut beverage, peanut tissue protein, peanut butter and peanut candy, but the total amount and well-known brands are few, resulting in The direct cause of this phenomenon is that China's peanut deep processing industry technology and equipment are backward.

Shandong Province is China's largest peanut processing export base, accounting for about 70% of the country. According to statistics, there are less than 20 professional peanut processing food factories in Shandong Province, and there are less than 30 production lines, and the product colors and varieties stay at the level of the 1990s. The production of peanuts is only Japan's 0.008. There are thousands of peanut food processing plants. The per capita peanut food is 3 to 4 times that of China. Every year, a large number of peanuts and peanuts are imported from China and the United States.

Relative to the status of the first large peanut exporting country, the development of China's peanut food processing industry lags behind the development of foreign countries.

It can be seen that there is still a big gap between China's peanut processing industry and developed countries. For example, the peanut processing base is still relatively weak, some processing equipment is outdated, technology is backward, more primary products and semi-finished products are processed, and deep processing products are less. The scale of production is small, especially in the vast rural areas. Peanut processing is mostly in the form of workshops, and the degree of commercialization is low.

However, these gaps are also the potential for the development of China's peanut processing industry. At present, we should make good use of the abundant peanut processing resources in China, seize the opportunity of increasing demand in the international peanut market, and continue to learn and introduce advanced foreign technology and equipment by increasing investment in peanut deep processing technology and equipment research. The peanut deep processing industry strives to increase the added value of peanuts and its by-products, and further stimulates foreign exchange earning through exports to create greater economic and social benefits.

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