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Countermeasures for the Development of Peanut Processing Industry in China


Increase investment in science and technology, strengthen technological innovation and new product development, and promote the development of peanut processing industry. The foundation of China's peanut processing industry is weak, and there is a long-term lack of investment in science and technology.

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Countermeasures for the Development of Peanut Processing Industry in China

It is necessary to transform the current status of raw materials for exporting peanuts into export raw materials and processed products, and then transform them into export processed products. To increase the ability of peanuts to earn foreign exchange through exports, it is necessary to increase investment in science and technology. Peanut processing machine

The size of the development of the peanut processing industry, the level of development, ultimately depends on the advancement of science and technology and the improvement of scientific and technological content. At present, we should increase the research investment in peanut deep processing technology and equipment as soon as possible, and actively learn and introduce advanced foreign processing technology and equipment, develop new peanut foods such as nutrition and health care, realize the value-added of peanut products, and promote the processing and export of peanuts from low level. The fundamental transformation of low-end products to advanced and high-end products will improve the level of China's peanut processing industry as a whole.

Improve the quality of peanuts and establish a high-quality special peanut raw material production base

At present, the serious mixed peanut varieties and the contamination of aflatoxins are the main factors for the reduction of peanut quality and competitiveness in China. In order to improve the quality of peanuts, we should speed up the selection and promotion of high-yield and high-quality special-purpose varieties, establish a breeding base for breeding, improve the breeding system, and adhere to the path of breeding, breeding and promotion, paying attention to strict purification during the demonstration breeding process. Purify the purity, ensure the purity of the seeds; pay attention to the use of advanced technical measures in the cultivation process, and carry out the promotion of good varieties and good practices; establish a special raw material production base for foreign trade and processing enterprises in the main peanut producing areas.

Improve the quality standard of peanut products, improve the quality and safety control system

Although existing peanut processed products have national or industry standards, there are widespread problems of outdated standards, misconduct, unsuitability for real development, or non-international standards.

At the same time, due to the lack of “Good Manufacturing Practices” (G MP) and “Hazard Analysis and Critical Control Points” (HA CCP) management measures in production and management, the quality control system during production and processing is not perfect and seriously affected. The quality of the products and the competitiveness of the international market.

Therefore, we should revise and improve the quality standards of peanut products as soon as possible, integrate with the international market, and improve the quality and safety control system, so that the peanut food production will be transformed from the final product inspection control method to the production quality control, not only to participate in international competition. The need is also an inevitable trend in the development of the industry.

Guide and support a group of leading enterprises in peanut processing, and take the road of industrialization development is the main body of technological innovation. The cultivation and development of leading enterprises is the key and fundamental to promote the development and upgrading of agricultural product processing industrialization.

In the industrial development of peanuts, the disconnection between production and market is the main problem. The lack of leading enterprises is an important reason for the peanut industry to become difficult to grow. As soon as possible, develop a number of large-scale processing and export leading enterprises such as Laiyang Luhua Group Co., Ltd. and COFCO Shandong Grain and Oil Import and Export Co., Ltd., and give priority to the introduction of modern processing production lines and complete sets of production equipment to form raw material sorting and peanut products. The processing system, developed by the post-harvest processing industry, will drive the overall development of the entire peanut industry.

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