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Analysis of the status quo and the development strategy of the Chinese coconut industry (II)


Hainan coconut processing must be updated in scale and grade, improve scientific and technological content, increase leading companies and further develop deep coconut processing. If you want to look for a breakthrough, you must make a fuss about the production chain and capital.

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Analysis of the status quo and the development strategy of the Chinese coconut industry (II)

Encourage the development of leading companies, support qualified companies to be bigger and stronger, in scale, in degree, should improve the scientific and technological content of coconut product processing and more patent products with competitiveness main business, improve the level of processing and eliminate tracking, "Behavior" Autostop ", develop intensive processing and develop deep-processing products of high technology and high added value.

(1) Actively play the role of the government in the coconut processing industry and formulate a series of preferential policies to support the development of the coconut industry. Properly manage the relationship between government departments and coconut processing companies, use the functions of macroeconomic control of the government, guide the production and management of companies, coordinate various aspects, control the industrial order and supervise, guide and manage the industry coconut processing to make coconut sowing. Process integration, marketing and scientific research.

Establish an industrial coconut oil press processing park, improve various support measures, carry out industrial division of labor and coordination, shorten the connection time of all aspects of processing, increase investment and convert to Hainan in a world-class coconut processing base. Assist in the establishment of the Cocos Processing Industry Association, direct the industry guide, technology promotion and information gathering, strengthen the construction of the coconut product information network and the early warning system and forecast, and establish an information platform for coconut processing products.

In order to ensure the long-term development of the national coconut processing industry, the government can support the construction of raw material bases through policies to expand the area of sowing and increase the production of coconut fruit. On the other hand, it grants preferential treatment to funds, taxes and policies on the processing and circulation of products, and reduces the production costs of companies.

At present, Hainan's coconut processing industry chain is long. In some large-scale coconut processing companies, in order to expand the scale of production, coconut harvested by peeling fruit, broken coconut shell, peel and even juice is hired by farmers or small factories. However, these processing units at the farmer level often have low production efficiency and unstable product quality due to insufficient funds and insufficient investment in science and technology. The government should formulate some preferential policies to support the processing units at these levels, especially to provide them. Microfinance allows them to improve equipment, develop production and promote the overall technological level of the Hainan coconut processing industry and the development of the coconut processing industry while they get rich.

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