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Application of corn processing technology


Corn is an important economic crop in China and an important raw material for food industry processing. The application and development of corn processing technology has improved the industrial development of the corn processing industry and increased the economic value of corn.

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Based on the analysis and research of corn processing technology, this paper elaborates the application status of corn processing technology in the new era from the three aspects of dry extraction, wet extraction and semi-wet extraction, and the application of corn processing technology. Development has been elaborated as follows.

Application of corn processing technology

China is a big country in corn production and consumption. Based on the development of corn deep processing industry, it has promoted the upgrading of the corn industry chain, especially the technological innovation of corn processing technology, which has injected new development momentum for the development of corn deep processing industry. At present, China's corn deep processing industry has developed rapidly, and has gradually formed an integrated model of production, processing and sales.

For corn processing, processing technology is particularly important, and is an important basis for ensuring processing quality and ensuring corn nutrients. In my opinion, with the continuous development of corn processing technology, the corn deep processing industry is expanding. The series of industrial manufacturing products for corn has been widely used in real life, fully reflecting the economic value of corn.

At present, there are two main types of corn processing techniques most commonly used: one is the corn extraction method; the other is the full grain method. Among them, the whole grain process is relatively simple and the process flow is small, but in the development of modern process technology, the process technology has been rarely used. The corn extraction method is widely used in corn processing and manufacturing as a modern processing technology. In practice, the corn extraction method is mainly divided into three types: wet extraction, dry extraction and semi-wet extraction.

Different processing methods have large differences in processing results. At present, how to realize the improvement and development of processing technology in corn deep processing production is an important basis for improving corn utilization rate and improving the economic value of corn crops. Therefore, based on the research on corn processing technology, the paper elaborates on the application and development of the process as follows.

Dry extraction: high rate of germ loss, suitable for processing such as corn pearl rice

Wet extraction: obtaining a more complete germ, suitable for production in industries such as glucose

Semi-wet method for embryo extraction: simple process, suitable for production in industries such as alcohol plants

Microwave drying machinery technology for extracting corn germ oil:

1. Create a good production environment.

2. Minimize oil loss, increase oil production, and improve the quality of oil and concrete.

3. Special use of separated impurities.

China is a large producer and consumer of corn. However, the corn oil industry is in a weak position in China's edible oil family. Experts say that corn oil contains special nutrients that can play a health care role for patients with cardiovascular and cerebrovascular diseases.

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