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Oil press maintenance

Oil press maintenance

The oil press is one of the most common mechanical equipment of the current oil mill manufacturers, and its working status directly affects its economic benefits. From a certain perspective, the maintenance and maintenance effectiveness of the oil press directly determines the working state and is an important way to effectively prevent the failure. However, in actual operation, some enterprises do not pay much attention to routine maintenance and maintenance work, and the methods and methods adopted are not reasonable.

1Daily failure and cause of microwave drying mechanical oil press

During the use of the oil press, due to the complicated working environment, and the interference or influence of human factors, it is easy to malfunction, and sometimes it may cause accidents, so it is especially important to do routine maintenance and maintenance work.

For example, long-term working operation leads to a reduction in the consumption of oil in the gearbox. If it is found to be untimely, dry grinding may occur, which in turn may damage the bite between the mechanical parts, so that the service life of the oil press is greatly reduced. The working environment of the oil press is more complicated, and it is more likely to cause malfunctions due to the characteristics of the products it produces. In the daily use process, the indoor environment is full of dust and other impurities. Once it penetrates into the oil-removing part of the oil press, it may cause the gearbox oil to degenerate, and it will also affect the quality of the oil, causing a certain degree to the consumer. hurt.

In addition, as a main body of mechanical operation, the performance of people's skill level is also an important factor affecting the quality of the oil press.

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