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Oil mill maintenance and maintenance strategy

Oil mill maintenance and maintenance strategy
  1. Develop a feasible plan. The perfect maintenance and maintenance plan is an important basis for ensuring the normal and efficient operation of the microwave drying machine technology oil press. As a system of mechanical components, including a variety of components, failure of any part of the oil press can cause system downtime, which in turn affects the output efficiency and quality of the oil press.

Therefore, the operator should regularly observe the operation of each oil press at regular intervals, focus on checking the working status of key components or vulnerable parts, and make relevant records, find problems in time, and solve problems. Especially for oil mills that form a certain size, we should actively introduce a refined management mechanism, organize technical personnel and operators to formulate scientific conservation plans, clarify work behavior goals, and effectively put them into practice.

On this basis, enterprises should pay attention to the inspection of the working status of each oil press, and under the guidance of the macro maintenance structure, formulate specific implementation rules in a targeted manner. Once problems are found, timely treatment, such as oil and parts replacement, Avoid large accidents, ensure the quality of output oil, and improve economic efficiency.

(2) Strengthen talent training. In the era of knowledge economy, talents are the core force driving the development of industry. From the maintenance and maintenance dimension of the oil press, the performance of the person as the main body of the operation directly affects the effectiveness of the work. In this regard, enterprises of any size should pay attention to the implementation and implementation of the talent strategy, pay attention to the construction of technical teams, actively absorb talents, optimize the composition of human resources, and regularly carry out diversified training and education activities to improve the operation of small oil presses. The professional level of maintenance personnel, in turn, effectively prevents failures and reduces the frequency of downtime.

In the specific implementation process, the company may invite technical experts or business experts to participate extensively, sum up the daily failure types and causes of the oil press, explain the working principle in a targeted manner, and transmit advanced conservation concepts and knowledge. Cases to improve the technical literacy and business capabilities of relevant staff. At the same time, relevant personnel also need to strengthen their own learning, enrich their own knowledge through the network and other means, master advanced technology, accumulate experience, and be good at summing up to better achieve professional value.

(3) Pay attention to environmental cleaning. In daily work practice, the maintenance and maintenance of the oil press is a systematic project, which is related to the handling of multiple details, and it is essential to clean the environment. According to the general working condition of the oil press, after the work for 50 hours, check the internal lubrication of the machine to ensure that the oil cup on the gear box is not deficient in oil. The source screw shaft adjustment screw should be adjusted from the screw hole. Pull out and add butter once, and dry grinding is strictly prohibited.

At the same time, the cleaning work around the lubrication parts should be done to avoid the intrusion of dust and other impurities. Regularly check the quality of the oil in the gearbox. If any deterioration is found, replace it with new oil. During the operation of the oil press, the slag should be continuously removed to prevent the oil circuit from being blocked. At the same time, the oil slag of the take-over can be returned to the hopper for secondary pressing to improve material utilization and ensure high economic benefits.

In addition, after the end of each shift of the oil press, the staff should remove the oil cake left inside the machine, wipe off the oil surface dirt and dust on the machine surface, and carry out maintenance in strict accordance with the specified time, disassemble the inspection and wash, repair or replace the damage in time. component.

3 Conclusion

All in all, the maintenance and maintenance of the oil press is very important and necessary. Due to the limited personal ability and the complicated system structure of the oil press, the research done in the article may be insufficient. Therefore, the author hopes that everyone in the academic community will continue to pay attention to the research of the subject, and rationally interpret the types and causes of oil press failures, and then propose more effective maintenance and maintenance measures in a targeted manner.

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