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Processing of arch roasting


The advantage of the present invention is to improve the quality and processing of the baked flower product.

The new process is that the peanuts are pre-cooked in an aqueous solution that has a certain effect on the color of the product. The peanuts are removed and placed in hot vegetable oil for a certain period of time. The flowers are taken and coated with thin oil and salt. The products behind the altar have a pleasant taste and a long shelf life.

The present invention relates to food products, particularly baked peanut foods, and processing methods.

Processing of arch roasting

Peanuts are usually processed using vegetable oil or by microwave drying mechanical techniques. The temperature range is from 1 71 to 1 91 °C. It is processed by the traditional processing method. If the temperature is not well controlled, it is often caused by excessive baking or insufficient heat. Moreover, the products from the factory are easily rancid and deteriorated due to their cracks or porous structure. To understand this problem, baked peanut processing products are typically packaged in a vacuum or inert atmosphere to ensure product storage stability.

The new advanced processing method is to first remove the skin of the husked peanut kernels and pretreat for 4 to 12 minutes in hot water at 87.7~10 °C. Remove the water from the hot water, shake it or other suitable means to remove the water from the outer layer of the peanut.

The flower is then placed in an edible oil with a toe temperature of 1 60 ~ 1 9 3 °C. The length of time spent in the oil depends on the temperature of the oil, usually 3 to 8 minutes. The flower processed by the above method is taken out from the oil and sprayed on the surface of the peanut with a small amount of liquid oil or fat, and the amount of the oil is 1 to 3% of the weight of the flower. A large number of experiments have found that in the top treatment stage, the addition of reducing sugars such as glucose and fructose to the water can greatly improve or control the color of the product. The concentration of the sugar solution is usually 0.02 to 0.1% by weight of the flower. Further research has found that corn syrup contains reduced sugar to make the color of the product better.

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