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Present situation of soybean oil processing industry in China


1. Since the reform and opening up, with the rapid economic growth of our country, people's living standards continue to improve, people's consumption demand is also increasing, strong demand has led to the development of China's vegetable oil industry, feed industry and planting industry. Of particular concern is the rapid development of microwave drying machinery

soybean oil processing machine processing industry. According to our current production statistics, soybeans are not included in oil products.

But in fact, soybean is the main raw material for oil production in China. Especially in recent years, soybean oil processing industry has been affected by many factors, such as the continuous growth of vegetable oil consumption, the demand of soybean protein consumption, the expansion of the demand for soybean cake in feed industry, and the changes of oil and oil import and export trade policies. Great changes have taken place in the overall level, and the industry has been concerned about the rapid expansion of oil production capacity, enterprise scale greatly upgraded.

Due to the mutual influence of the above factors, soybean oil enterprises in China have developed rapidly, and the scale of the plant has been expanding. According to the National Grain and Oil Information Center, the crushing capacity of domestic oil plants has exceeded 51 million tons, more than twice that of 1996.

At present, China's oil making capacity has surpassed the United States in the world and has become the number one in the world. There are nearly 80 soybean oil-making enterprises with a scale of more than 1000t/d, and some large enterprises are under construction.

2. The regional distribution of soybean oil enterprises has also changed from the perspective of the regional distribution of soybean oil industry. In the past, soybean oil processing industry was mainly in Northeast China, followed by East China. After the peak in 1999-2002, the market share of soybean imports in South China increased sharply from 8 in 2000 to 13 in 2002. Thus, the distribution of soybean oil processing industry has shifted from the main soybean producing areas to coastal, River and soybean oil and soybean meal selling areas.

3. benefits of soybean oil companies

Before 1998, the benefit of soybean oil production in China was basically stable at 200-300 yuan per ton. Since January 1999, the state began to levy 13 value-added tax on soybean meal imports, and China's soybean meal imports have been greatly reduced. The benefit of soybean oil production has also greatly improved, and the soybean oil production efficiency reaches the maximum of 580 yuan per ton.

The main factors affecting the benefit of soybean oil production are: firstly, the price of raw materials and products; secondly, the price of domestic soybean is affected by the international market because of the increasing import of soybean and soybean oil in recent years, so the price of both soybean and soybean meal is almost determined by the international market; secondly, the scale benefit, according to foreign countries. The data show that the scale of the oil plant is expanded by 1 times and the cost is reduced by 28. Although this is a foreign experience, but one thing is certain, different scales, different cost dilution, in this regard, the larger the scale, the higher the benefits.

4. the level of technology and equipment of soybean oil making enterprises

Since the reform and opening up, China's soybean oil enterprises have relied on technological innovation and research and development, introduced and assimilated foreign advanced experience, in the oil processing capacity, production process mechanization, automation, product quality, diversification have also been greatly improved. The level of technology and equipment has been greatly improved. Especially in recent years, newly-built oil enterprises with a scale of more than 1000 tons have a high starting point. Their technical equipment, economic and technical indicators, and management level have all approached or reached the international advanced level.

In addition to the traditional leaching process, new technologies such as mixed solvent leaching, liquid hydrocarbon leaching, Supercritical Fluid Leaching and expansion leaching have been applied on different scales. In addition, in order to further develop the follow-up products, flash desolvation, low-temperature desolvation technology has also been widely used. The products of enterprises are not only soybean oil and soybean meal, but also some high value-added products, such as soybean isoflavones, soybean oligosaccharides, soybean phospholipids, saponins, dietary fiber, soybean protein and so on. With the demand of the market, they have the commercial production capacity.

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