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Necessity of mechanization of tea packaging


In recent years, China's rapid economic development, the national standard of living has improved year by year, people pay more and more attention to health, tea as a traditional product of health care is loved by people, which also speeds up the development of China's tea industry.

Microwave drying and mechanization yield more

First of all, look at the traditional tea packaging operations, tea manufacturers will be made of wool tea, employ workers to remove the stalk and screen, can pick 1-2 Jin per hour. Next, the auxiliary packing machine is used to pack tea leaves and weigh them. The inner membrane is multiplied by 10 bags per minute. Then the bagged and compacted hands and feet are about 10 packs per minute. For example, a bag of tea is about 7.5 grams, then from the sub-Pack to vacuum about 37.5 grams a minute, an hour is 4.5 jin. It takes about 4.5 hours to pick and bake 4.5 kilograms of tea with maximum efficiency, that is, it takes about 1 hour and 14 minutes for one person to make one kilogram of commercial packaged tea from wool tea.

If the automatic tea packing machine replaces the manual packaging operation, the small pedicle picking machine can handle 50 Jin of tea per hour, 1 kg needs 1 minute 30 seconds. The single plate color sorter has a maximum handling capacity of 150 Jin per hour, and 1 jin takes 30 seconds. The color sorter adopts dry vacuum air pressure transportation, which can avoid the damp of tea and save the baking time. Next, the selected tea will be packed with a fully automatic integrated inside and outside bag vacuum packaging machine, the machine production speed is more than 16 bags per minute, that is, 120 grams, that is to say, the Mao tea into a commodity packaging tea catty takes about 6 minutes.

Microwave drying mechanization costs lower

Traditional tea packaging operations mainly involve labor costs and machine costs, and today the tea market recruits mainly middle-aged workers between the ages of 40 and 45. Let's not talk about the difficulty of recruitment, the wages of employees need 100 yuan per day. In terms of the efficiency difference between the machine and the personnel, the working efficiency of the machine is nine times that of the man, that is to say, 900 yuan per day is needed for the man under the same efficiency.

Microwave drying, mechanization and hygiene are better.

Nowadays, people's living standard is increasing year by year, and food hygiene problem has been attached importance to year by year.

In order not to deteriorate the tea leaves, it is necessary to bake the tea again before choosing and packaging the tea. This not only delays the time, but also the quality of the tea leaves is unknown. However, tea leaves without vacuum placed for a long time, will breed a certain amount of bacteria; furthermore, the traditional artificial technology in the selection of tea directly touched by manual, will also produce bacteria.

In view of tea packing machinery, stalk sorting machine, color sorting machine, automatic internal and external bag packaging machine, etc. These equipments need to be cleaned regularly. The whole machine is powered by air pressure, supplemented by air drying system, so that the alternative tea completely in a humidity-free screening environment, and screening speed is fast. Reducing the detention time of tea leaves and avoiding too much artificial contact can reduce the growth of bacteria.

And the full-automatic inside and outside bag packaging machine is also powered by air pressure, the packaging process is fully automated by machinery. Pour the loose tea into the machine and the finished product is packed out in a bag. Although it is impossible to avoid artificial contact, it also avoids bacteria breeding caused by artificial contact to a certain extent.

Microwave drying and mechanized products are more exquisite.

The appearance of food packaging on the market today is also an important criterion for consumers to choose food. Is it exquisite? Is food quality good? Can affect consumer psychology.

The traditional process is to select tea directly by hand, so the selection of tea is not accurate enough, and the possibility of broken tea is greater, coupled with hand sweat and other different situations, so tea may have a damp situation. After all, the precision of manual screening is not enough, resulting in uneven results of finished products, causing unnecessary losses to manufacturers.

With the improvement of social level, manufacturers in order to meet the needs of the market, improve efficiency and quality and food hygiene and safety. It is a well-known problem that it is difficult to recruit workers. Because of the poor eyesight and various factors, mechanization is the inevitable trend of enterprise development. Although tea culture has been passed down for thousands of years, the wisdom and crystallization of our ancestors deserve our praise and reference, but human footsteps should not stop, research and innovation should continue. Simplify the work, improve the quality and efficiency, this is the development direction of mechanical automation. If we want to meet the growing consumer group, we can only work hard on the original capacity, and strive to increase production. It can be seen that the automatic tea packing machine still has a broad market for development.

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