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Instant noodles status and development trend


The development status of instant noodles was reviewed. The shortcomings of cake and soup production were summarized. The nutrition and safety of instant noodles were analyzed. The possible measures for nutrient strengthening, safety control and sensory index improvement of instant noodles were discussed. Provide the basis for product development.

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Instant noodles status and development trend

Since the end of the 20th century in the 20th century, the first package has been published since the beginning of the book. As the life-saving rhythm is accelerated and the tendency to eat is easy, the face has become a large branch of the food. Instant noodle processing line

After decades of rapid development, instant noodles have gradually entered thousands of households, which has facilitated people's lives and is deeply loved by consumers. However, with the development of the economy and the improvement of living standards, consumers' demands for instant noodles have been “eaten”. “Full” to “eat well”, and the requirements for nutrition and safety have also been upgraded.

Nowadays, the instant noodles can no longer fully meet the needs of consumers. It is necessary to develop and innovate products to make them more nurturing and safer, so as to improve the satisfaction of consumers.

Instant noodles production process

In the field of instant noodle processing, many new technologies make instant noodle products more nutritious, safe and convenient. Quick-frozen instant noodles produced by quick-freezing process, the taste is closer to traditional noodles, and the nutrient destruction rate is low; instant noodles produced by microwave drying, taste and rehydration are better than rehydration and color produced by hot air drying technology. Produced by deep-drying technology, and the oil content is greatly reduced; vacuum frying technology can effectively improve the intrinsic quality of instant noodles, extend shelf life, reduce oil content and save production costs.

After the 1990s, the industry in China has grown rapidly. By 2005, sales of instant noodle industry reached 275 million yuan, achieving a continuous increase of 18 years, reaching 581 billion yuan in 2012.

However, with the continuous improvement of consumers' living standards, the public demand for convenience is more strict. Today's instant noodles can no longer meet people's needs for nutrition and safety, so sales and sales of instant noodles have declined in recent years.

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