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Extraction of residual oil from fragrant peanut oil filter cake(2)


1.2 Filter cake crushed into the leaching workshop

Extraction of residual oil from fragrant peanut oil filter cake(2)

After the peanut cake was pulverized, it was mixed with the filter cake in a ratio of 1:1, uniformly added to the leacher through an automatic feeder, and leached with a solvent. The residual oil in the phospholipid can be extracted, and the phospholipid can be part of the cockroach. In operation, the pulverized particles of the cake have a diameter of 2 to 4 mm, and the material is automatically fed at a rate of 100 kg/h, and the addition is as uniform as possible.

Microwave drying machine

This solution solves the problems encountered in the previous schemes well; at the same time, it ensures the production effect. By comparison, the method has the following advantages:

(1) After passing through the high temperature, the filter cake is directly mixed with the cake into the dip Peanut oil machine

Out of the workshop, the contact time with the air is short, the degree of oxidative rancidity is lighter, and the quality of the oil is improved, so that the output is processed;

(2) Phospholipids are added to the peanut meal to improve the nutritional value of the peanut meal;

(3) The color of oil and fat, acid value, etc. are basically unaffected. By comparing the color of the leaching oil before and after the filter cake, the acid value, and the fat content and ash content of the cockroach, there is basically no obvious change;

(4) The basic operation of the oil cleaning process is not affected.

2 application effects

Through the application of program 2 in the past two years, regular testing, the oil acid value, color, ash content, fat content and other indicators were compared and analyzed, and there was no significant change before and after the addition of phospholipids. It can reduce the quality of oil and concrete, and greatly improve the oil yield. It can increase by at least 0.5 percentage points, which brings good economic benefits to the enterprise and completely solves the problem of high residual oil of filter cake.

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