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Extraction of residual oil from fragrant peanut oil filter cake(1)

Extraction of residual oil from fragrant peanut oil filter cake(1)

In the processing technology, in order to maintain the unique aroma of aroma peanut oil, degumming (dephospholipidation) generally does not use hydration method, but uses two methods of low temperature cold filtration at 18 °C. To carry out, there is about a filter cake of about 1.5% of the raw material (mainly a mixture of solid phospholipids and peanut cakes), and the filter cake still contains about 45 oil after being squeezed again by the filter cake extruder.

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At present, each peanut oil processing enterprise basically treats it directly as a by-product, so that a large amount of oil contained in the filter cake is wasted, and the economic benefit is poor. In the production practice, through the comparison of the two schemes for the extraction of residual oil from the filter cake, a suitable method for extracting residual oil was finally found. Peanut oil machine

1 filter cake pressed back

The filter cake is mixed with the pressed cake and then pressed back, which is 1 in the process diagram. The main operation is: the peanut cake is crushed and mixed with the filter cake in a ratio of 1:1, uniformly stirred in a blender, and then automatically The feeder was uniformly added to the layered wok and re-steamed back to extract the residual oil.

In the production practice, the program found the following problems:

(1) The color of the oil is deepened and the quality is degraded;

(2) When filtering in the oil clearing workshop, the filtration operation is more difficult, and the phospholipid sticky filter cloth; at the same time, the phospholipid content in the oil also exceeds the standard, affecting the quality of the oil.

Cause Analysis:

(1) The filter cake is subjected to high temperature pressing again, partially oxidizing and deteriorating, resulting in deepening of the oil color;

(2) The filter cake is directly added to the layered steamer, due to the presence of water.

Adding, the phospholipid absorbance is increased, and the filter cloth is sticky during the filtration of the clear oil; (3) the re-pressing of the phospholipid makes the phosphorus content in the oil exceed the standard

It is required that two filtrations are difficult to meet the requirements.

For the above reasons, we denied the plan.

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