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Principle of production of mustard oil


Mustard oil is a new type of high-grade flavoring material. It is a new product that is replaced by the seeds of the first-year herbaceous mustard, which is crushed, added with water, and then distilled.

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Principle of production of mustard oil

The traditional mustard noodles seasoning is difficult to master due to the hair-making method, and the hair-making effect is not good, which brings certain difficulties to the family. When using the mustard oil mixed with the cold dish, a few drops can be eaten without any processing. Therefore, mustard oil was introduced in Jinyi, and it immediately swept the Tianjin market and gradually expanded to the outside world. At present, there are more than ten mustard oil production plants in Tianjin, and some of them have insufficient pungency and low yield due to various reasons. Mustard oil machine

To this end, the Department of Food Engineering of Tianjin Light Industry Institute made a detailed study on the production principle and production process of mustard oil, reviewed a large amount of data, and repeatedly experimented, and finally explored reasonable process routes and conditions. The mustard oil produced is spicy and has a good flavor and high yield. After the trial production of this process, it was very satisfactory. The production principle and production process of mustard oil are introduced as follows:

(1) Raw materials Mustard seeds should be selected with darker yellow-brown seeds, and lighter colors should not be used.

(2) Powdered Mustard seeds should be pulverized slightly, so that the leaching effect will be better and the quality of the finished product will be better.

(3) Soaking This is a very important step. During this period, the mustard back will hydrolyze the spicy substance such as propyl isothiocyanate under the action of mustard enzyme. The key factors to control are water temperature, pH, additives, time and water.

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