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Application of Hemp Seeds and Shells in Food Industry (2)


Hemp seed meal can be used as an organic medium for cultivating edible mushrooms such as oyster mushrooms and black fungus; it can also be used as feed for animals. In the experiment on laying hens in Japan, it was proved that hemp seed meal can improve the quality of egg yolk of the eggs produced. .

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From the analysis of the composition of hemp seed hulls, it has space for the extraction of dietary fiber, preparation of activated carbon and hemp plastic composite materials. Hemp seed oil machine

Hemp seed shell dietary fiber is used in functional foods such as diet foods, fruit and vegetable milk drinks, chewable tablets, etc., which can clear the intestines and nourish the skin; it can be used in the diet of diabetic and hypertensive patients to regulate blood sugar and blood lipids; Adding 5% to 10% of hemp seed shell dietary fiber to foods such as biscuits can improve the taste of food.

In addition, activated carbon made from hemp seed hull can be used as a carrier for food decolorization, flavor adjustment, water treatment and various food manufacturing catalysts; hemp plastic composite materials are prepared from hemp seed hulls for high-grade food packaging materials and Warehouse Logistics.


Application of Hemp Seeds and Shells in Food Industry (2)

Hemp seed is a traditional food in China and the world, and it is a new type of food raw material. It is unique in nutrition and protein. In developed countries such as Europe, America, Japan and Korea, hemp seeds are used as food and health products. It is becoming more and more popular among consumers; the in-depth study of hemp seeds in food is of great significance to the modernization of traditional Chinese food, and it can enrich the variety of the public's diet and have a positive effect on people's health.

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