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Application of Hemp Seeds in Food (1)

Application of Hemp Seeds in Food (1)

Application of Hemp Seeds in Traditional Domestic Foods There were records of the history of hemp cultivation about 4,500 years ago. The earliest was the consumption of hemp seed kernels and used for oil extraction. The agricultural history community generally believes that hemp seeds are a food crop in ancient times. Now it is widely used in Yunnan and Guangxi in the Shishan area of northwest Guangxi. Hemp seeds are also known as "longevity holy seeds". Researchers believe that the longevity phenomenon in the Bama area of Guangxi is related to the hemp seeds in the diet of local residents.

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Old man recipe - Hanma Ren Chenpi mung bean porridge, has a conditioning effect on the intestines of the elderly; some local foods also use Hanma kernel as raw materials, such as hemp soup, Ma Renxiang duck, Ma Ren tofu, Ma Ren Pastries, etc.

In addition, hemp seeds can also be used as raw materials for dried fruit and non-staple foods; hemp soup made from spices such as garlic and hemp, has been industrialized; hemp kernel powder is considered to be nutritious with its rich dietary fiber. Coarse grains. Hemp seed oil machine

Application of hemp seeds in traditional foreign foods In the Middle Ages, European knights often used hemp beer; ancient Romans liked to use elaborate hemp seeds as a dessert; hemp seeds and oatmeal in the Czech Republic are widely used nutritious foods. In North America and Inner Mongolia, Gansu, roasted hemp seeds are popular snacks.

In the past few decades, hemp seed oil has been sold in specialty food stores throughout Europe and North America; there are many recipes for introducing hemp seed kernels abroad, such as Dalotto's From Seeds to Shiny Seeds; Richard DeRos is the founder of Hemp Nut Foods, Inc., which specializes in the research of various nutritional products and develops best-selling products such as hemp cheese and hemp milk drinks.

Application of Hemp Seed Protein in Food Industry

Hemp seed protein is a high-quality protein material. According to the principle of protein nutrition complementation, the instant hemp protein powder is developed as a high-protein nutritious food (such as breakfast protein powder, infant formula protein powder, etc.); HPI, protein peptide can be made Health care products can also be used as protein additives in food fields such as ice cream, beverages, cakes, cereals, etc. Hemp seed protein is rich in nutrients, has a strong aroma, and has a good taste. It can be applied to protein like coconut milk, almonds and walnuts. In the milk beverage; the hemp seed protein peptide can be made into a solid beverage, and different flavor components can also be applied to popular foods such as milk tea.

Using high-quality plant protein of hemp seed kernel to improve the nutritional structure of a compressed dry food, and add anti-fatigue ingredients, strengthen vitamins and minerals, and can be used in military food, field exploration, flood fighting, earthquake relief, etc. The nutrients such as hemp protein, hemp seed protein peptide and hemp seed oil are made into energy bars, which are fast in energy supply, hunger-resistant, portable and storable, and are of great significance in the fields of national defense, sports and emergency rescue.

In addition, the hemp antioxidant peptide extracted from hemp protein has good anti-oxidation effect, and can be used as a nutrition fortifier, an additive in health care products, beverages and cosmetics, instead of TBHQ and other antioxidants in food and medicine. .

For hemp seed protein products, a reasonable ratio is the basis, improving the process technology of various products and selecting suitable additives such as emulsifiers and stabilizers are the key, nutrient-rich, stable quality, and good sensory flavor.

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