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Exploration of pet food development prospects


In China, keeping pets has become a popular trend, so people have higher and higher requirements for pet foods, which has made the pet food industry gradually become an industry with faster growth in China's goods consumption. The consumption of pet food is the most competitive in all pet supplies.

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At the same time, China's huge market potential has also attracted many foreign pet food companies to compete. In order to make China's pet food industry invincible in the competition and gain market share, I believe that the pet food industry should take the following measures.

Exploration of pet food development prospects

Formulate and improve relevant standards and standardized management of the pet food production line industry. At this stage, China still has not established a comprehensive and systematic management regulation on pet food. However, in the development process of the industry, there are some important issues that continue to emerge, requiring relevant departments to formulate relevant legal provisions to manage the industry, such as: environmental remediation of pets; management of pet transactions And management of the pet related service industry.

Therefore, in order to get the regulated management of the pet food industry in China and to enable the industry to follow the rules, it is necessary to formulate relevant guidelines for the production of pet food.

Make consumer expectations meet

Pet owners have different expectations for pet food, including food safety issues and nutrients in food. Therefore, it is very important to satisfy the requirements of consumers and the like.

Among the various expectations of pet owners, the most important thing is health, especially for those who are willing to pay a high price for pet food. Some pet owners also pay more attention to the practical performance of food, in addition to the requirements of the taste and digestion of pet food. Therefore, in the sale of pet food, the psychology of the pet owner should be analyzed so that the product can be accepted by the pet owner.

Guarantee the quality of pet food and control its source products

For pet foods, the materials used should be approved by the relevant monitoring department, and the raw materials that meet the standards can be used. At the same time, manufacturers of pet foods must guarantee the quality of raw materials. With the continuous development of pet foods, although the future development trend cannot be predicted, the main body of concern at this stage will still be the nutrition and safety of materials.

The development of pet foods today, consumers still have some controversy about their functionality. With the introduction of a variety of new pet foods, pet owners are still very low on the acceptance of pet foods containing additives, fearing that the food they eat will affect their health.

Improve the packaging of finished products and optimize the process of food transportation

In China's pet food market, the packaging of pet food should be improved. For the design of packaging specifications, it is not only convenient to load, but also to ensure the efficiency of irradiation.

In the selection of packaging materials, it is necessary to meet the requirements of its sealing and stretchability, as well as the space that can be vacated. After a long period of experience, the use of electronic monitoring equipment can be achieved, and the inventory status of the transportation phase can be checked in time; the accumulation of goods can be improved; the goods can be shipped out in time; and the shortage of goods can be replenished in time. At the same time, the trading cycle is effectively shortened.

Enhance the brand effect of pet food

In China, although the pet food brand has been scientifically positioned and the brand has been effectively spread, it is still slightly inferior to some big foreign pet foods and needs a longer brand. process.

At this stage, China's pet food industry is facing double pressures of development and survival. Therefore, in the case of limited experience and resources, pet foods must have a certain focus in the sales process. For the current stage, the way to promote sales in China's pet food market is achieved through the improvement of channels, and the advantages of the channels are used to compensate for the disadvantages of the brand, thus laying a solid foundation for the formation of future brands.

Due to the relatively strong brand of pet food in the world, many domestic brands have to choose the entry field according to the situation, and there is no need to invest a lot.

In summary, we hope that China's pet food industry can develop well in the fierce competition in the international market and survive in a strong foreign brand. China's pet food will face major challenges in the development process.

It is not difficult to see that the development of the pet food industry is safe, healthy, humane and competitive in the market. It is a question that should be explored by pet food companies in China. It is also worthy of consideration by relevant government departments in China.

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