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Analysis on the Application of Dried Flower Floral in Interior Decoration(2)


Natural floral screen partition

The natural floral screen partition is a natural combination of dried flowers (flowers, fruits, leaves, roots, etc.) and branches to create a natural floral screen, suitable for decoration in the entrance, living room and dining room. A place with a cultural atmosphere or a natural and relaxed atmosphere, such as a place and a study room, gives people a feeling of comfort and integration.

Microwave drying machine vertical floral

Analysis on the Application of Dried Flower Floral in Interior Decoration(2)

The vertical floral art usually adopts the ceiling hanging method, and the bracket is suspended at the top of the roof. The flower material and the hanging height and the way are selected according to the decoration style, and can also be combined with the lighting to form a light and shadow change. You can also place floral works on the wall with brackets or protruding flower stands, or combine with the upside down video wall and photo display wall to create a small space with artistic conception on the wall. This vertical floral decoration style is more suitable for cafes, theme restaurants, book bars and other places where atmosphere is needed.

Through the art of vertical floral art, it not only enhances the aesthetic taste, but also creates a relaxed natural environment, so that people can rest in a busy life.

Practical floral ornaments in the interior decoration of industrial microwave dryers

Dry flower art can be ubiquitous in interior decoration, from the overall layout of home design to a small decoration. The original intention of interior design is to improve the quality of life, then you need to start from the details. “Dry flower aroma” is both beautiful and exquisite and gives a unique sense of smell. “Dry flowers and lanterns” bring a romantic atmosphere to the plain life. "Dry flower notes", the trivial life into poetry and distance.

“Dry Flower Crystal Cup”, tastes the taste of nature in the drink. "Eternal life flower ornaments", meaning a beautiful life, peace and joy. "Dry flower night light", romantic and warm, let people sleep peacefully in happiness. "Dry vase flower arrangement", long viewing period, convenient maintenance, low cost, and improve the taste of life, delicate and practical dry flower floral ornaments can not be underestimated in the interior decoration.


In modern society, the intricate interpersonal relationships and work pressures make our spiritual culture continually lacking. At this time, the dry flower and floral decoration with natural and full of life can comfort people's hearts and enhance people's home experience. .

In space, it can be harmoniously blended with hard decoration to make up for the lack of hard decoration, make the living room more layered, and the creative integration of various soft elements can also create a unique living atmosphere.

At the same time, the dry flower and floral soft decoration promoted the development of flower culture. I believe that with the continuous advancement of society and the rapid development of the modern industry of dried flowers, the application of dried flowers and flowers with culture and natural flavor will be more extensive in interior decoration.

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