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Analysis on the Application of Dried Flower Floral in Interior Decoration(1)

Analysis on the Application of Dried Flower Floral in Interior Decoration(1)

Under the premise of retaining the original shape, color, texture and texture of plant materials such as flowers, the dried flower art has dehydrated and shaped, preserved color and processed, and extended the viewing period. The industrial microwave oven has enriched the ornamental form and became an emerging home decoration. The main force.

This paper mainly expounds the application of innovative forms of dried flower and floral in home interior decoration, and the integration of floral soft decoration and interior decoration in the context of the continuous improvement of living standards, the improvement of dry flowering technology and the harmonious development of human and nature.

Dried Flower Floral Overview and Benefits

Dry flower art is a series of microwave drying machinery technology techniques such as color retention, drying, shaping, processing and finishing, and the plant organs (flowers, leaves, fruits, branches, roots, etc.) in nature are processed in a series of processes. And the formation of natural crafts.

Dried flowers and flowers have many advantages compared with flowers. First of all, dried flowers symbolize the eternal emotions, and the flower language is reflected to the greatest extent, so that the appreciators no longer feel sorry for seeing the flowers fade. Secondly, the aroma of flowers and trees has been baptized by time. Without the initial intensity, it adds a touch of faintness, symbolizing our plain and elegant life.

Once again, the application of dried flowers in interior decoration is rich and style, and the dried flower art is no longer limited to the bottle flower arrangement, but is unique in every corner of the interior decoration. Finally, dried flower art can achieve long-term floral decoration effects, without the need for frequent replacement, it will reduce the overall renovation investment, while at the same time close to nature.

Innovative form of dried flower art

Plant table and hanging wall frame

Plant setting

The plant setting table is a set of photo frames, dried flowers and one. It is no longer limited to the traditional form of photo frames, but the natural factors of plants are incorporated into our daily life. Putting a photo into a photo frame, you can directly touch the real plant, which makes our life a step closer to nature. Select a frame with the right material, color, and shape according to the volume, line, texture, and color of the selected flower.

Hanging wall frame

The hanging wall frame is a kind of plant picture frame suspended from the wall. It differs from the general decorative picture frame in that the hanging wall frame is a decorative picture frame that can be stretched in the space, which can break through the space limitation. More bulky. In addition, the viewing angle of the plant wall frame is no longer limited to the front view, we can appreciate the multi-faceted plant frame.

Dried flower combination decorative painting

The dried flower combination decorative painting is a visual art work that plays a decorative and beautifying effect on the surrounding environment, so it pays more attention to the decorative and formal beauty. It has the artistic characteristics common to painting, including the laws and laws of beauty, and more natural creativity.

Integrate, differentiate, and reorganize dried flower materials, and create a creative and aesthetically pleasing plant decorative painting with dried flowers through creative design. When the material properties of the dried flower material and the spiritual connotation of the decorative painting are combined, the dried flower combination decorative painting obtains the artistic value beyond the natural characteristics. In addition to the form, color, texture, and texture beauty, it has spiritual connotation and artistic creativity, and is unique in interior decoration.

Floral screen partition

Modern vacuum plant glass screen partition

The modern vacuum glass screen partition adopts double-layer glass vacuum technology, which uses the crack between the two glass to create the dry flower and floral art, and creates a transparent glass hollow screen with a beautiful and creative natural style. This screen partition is technically demanding, but it has a longer life.

The pattern of dried flower and floral can be customized, and it has great variability in the interior decoration style, which can meet the needs of various modern decoration styles such as European style and American style.

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