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Advances in research on nutritional function of canola oil

Advances in research on nutritional function of canola oil

The research progress of the main nutritional health functions of refined double-low rapeseed oil at home and abroad was reviewed. The reduction of total cholesterol, insulin sensitivity and sugar tolerance, prevention of ischemic stroke and promotion of brain development in infants and young children were summarized. Prevention of senile cognition and brain dysfunction, treatment of nervous system disorders, reduction of fibrinogen, help to lose weight to protect muscles, inhibition of carcinogen DNA synthesis formation and reduce carcinogenic risk and other nutritional functions, is a nutritious and healthy edible vegetable oil.

Microwave drying machinery technology refined rapeseed oil is China's largest self-produced edible vegetable oil, accounting for more than 50% of domestic edible vegetable oil.

The content of erucic acid and glucosinolates in Chinese traditional rapeseed is higher, and the content of erucic acid is 20% to 60%. Rapeseed oil refining equipment

Erucic acid can induce diseases such as myocardial fat accumulation and congestive heart failure. To protect public health, the US FDA stipulates that erucic acid in rapeseed oil should not exceed 2% of total fatty acids.

According to the national standard of rapeseed oil GB1536-2004, the erucic acid content in canola oil is not more than 3. 0%. With the development of international rapeseed production to low erucic acid and low sulphur, China began to breed canola in around 1980. After 2000, the double low-yield rapeseed varieties were widely promoted and applied in the country, and the double-low rate of rapeseed in China was greatly improved.

Therefore, research on the nutrition and health of canola oil is essential for the development of rapeseed industry and the safety of edible oil supply in China. Double low rapeseed oil is rich in unsaturated fatty acids, plant sterols, tocopherols, polyphenols and other nutrient functional ingredients. It is rich in nutrients and balanced in fatty acid composition. It is one of the internationally recommended healthy edible vegetable oils. This paper reviews the research progress in the nutrient composition and nutritional function of canola oil in recent years.

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