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Study on the method of sesame oil content


Sesame oil is an excellent edible oil with good food quality and high nutritional value, which is very popular among people. However, due to the high market price, some unscrupulous traders have made the sesame oil adulteration phenomenon in order to obtain huge profits. If there are other low-priced oil products directly, there are also direct use of flavor and pigment to match fake sesame oil.

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A large number of inferior counterfeit sesame oils have flowed into the market, disrupting the market economic order, hitting the entire sesame oil industry, damaging the interests of consumers, and seriously threatening the health of the broad masses of the people.

Study on the method of sesame oil content

In GB 8233, the sesame oil extraction technology clearly stipulates that no other edible oils and non-edible oils should be added, and no flavors or fragrances should be added.

The literature can roughly detect the content of sesame oil by means of concentrated sulfuric acid colorimetric colorimetric method, etc., but it has limitations such as the use of concentrated acid and large corrosiveness of reagents. Through experimental studies, it was found that the methanol extract of sesame oil had strong absorption at 235 nm and 287 nm, while other vegetable oils did not. This paper aims to use this property to determine the content of sesame oil in the sample by measuring the absorbance of 70% aqueous methanol extract of sesame oil using pure sesame oil as a standard.

The common adulteration methods of sesame oil are as follows: 1. Use sesame flavor and other vegetable oil blending; 2. Add other vegetable oil to sesame oil as pure sesame oil. The blind samples of different sesame oil concentrations were prepared according to the above falsification methods to verify the accuracy and reliability of the experiment.

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