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Flower raw sauce production should pay attention to the problem

Flower raw sauce production should pay attention to the problem

Peanut butter is a kind of food that is popular among people and is also a high-nutrition product. After processing peanuts through peanut butter making machine, its protein content is 19, 2 6 intestines, oil content is girl, 5 4 intestine, oil inside Rich in unsaturated fatty acids (accounting for more than 80 intestines), of which oleic acid content is 36, 12 intestines. Most of the rest is linoleic acid. Less than 3 intestines, and rich in most human body elements peanut butter is not complicated. However, the reactions between the various components are very complicated. Moreover, particle size, sugar and salt concentration, suitable hydrogenation oil and stabilizer addition, heating temperature, cooling rate, ripening step, and packaging conditions all affect the quality of peanut butter.

Microwave drying machine

The arch roasting has two methods: batch type and continuous type. The batch type has the advantages of being able to bake different raw materials separately, the water content is relatively uniform, and the processing can be processed according to different changes. Continuous type saves labor and makes baking more uniform

, the operation is smoother and the inconvenience of reducing the inconvenience.

Peanut butter color and flavor are related to the degree of `baked coke'. High temperature baking should be avoided. Roasted peanuts have adverse effects on the flavor and color of peanut butter. The baking time will also affect the quality of roasted peanuts, and the content of dark roasted peanuts. Lower.

Grinding fineness affects product group characteristics and stabilizer requirements. There are many kinds of grinding peanut equipment. If the stone grinding method is used, the two-stage grinding method should be used to avoid the stone grinding blockage. Usually, the two-stage blade cutting process is adopted. The first time is medium grinding. Stabilizer is added at this stage. Hydrogenated oils, sugars, salts and other additives. The stabilizer and the partially hydrogenated oil should be melted or melted by the heat of the grinding. The rate of addition of the additive should match the grinding speed so that the two can be uniformly mixed. The second grinding mainly makes the peanut butter have fine and smooth structure, mixed and homogenized. The primary grinding outlet temperature is about 82 °C, and the secondary grinding outlet temperature is between 60 and 7 °C. To avoid grinding. When the heating temperature is too high

It can be cooled by cold water or added with dry ice to reduce heat damage and reduce oil oxidation rate.

Cooling due to temperature and cooling rate, the oil contains different crystallinity. The problem of oil leakage from peanut butter is mainly controlled by the crystallinity and content of oil. The most effective way to avoid oil leakage is to use rapid cooling method to make the oil have finer and uniform crystal. In order to promote the peanut butter has a good quality.

In general, peanut butter is added with stabilizers (such as monoglycerin) and partially hydrogenated oil. When these materials are dark and the high temperature melts back to a solid state, the cooling rate has a significant effect on the crystallinity. The faster cooling rate promotes the oil. Crystalline to prevent oil from oozing and brightening the surface of the sauce. It can be cooled rapidly from 160°F to 95°P using a rotary scraping heat exchanger. After the peanut butter is cooled and filled, try to avoid collision and shaking. The crystallization can be successfully completed. The improper cooling will cause the peanut surface to crack and shrink. The unstable oil crystals will change into a stable form during the cooling process. The shrinkage of the oil and the residual air in the sauce will cause the surface of the peanut butter to sag.

The convex surface appears because the peanut butter is collided before it is completely cooled, and the stable crystals are destroyed by shaking, so that the peanut butter has a loose span and a spongy structure. After the product is manufactured, it will increase hardness and oil leakage after being transported within 48 hours, but degassing, vacuum packaging can reduce hardness, enhance tissue uniformity and avoid oil leakage.

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