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Rice cake production technology and equipment

Rice cake production technology and equipment

Rice is the main food crop in China. It has a planting history of more than 6,000 years in China, and its planting area and output rank first in the world. The rice producing areas in China are mainly concentrated in the southern provinces, and the rice milling industry is also relatively developed. Among the processed products made from rice, the rice cake represented by Ningbo rice cake is a semi-convenient rice product with a long history and rich local characteristics.

However, for a long time, its production methods have not been well improved, and the degree of industrialization is very low. Therefore, it is a very meaningful work to automate the production of this traditional food by using advanced equipment, improve productivity, and obtain good quality products.

In the development process of the rice cake products, the quality of the products is greatly affected by the selected raw materials and processing equipment. In addition, due to the short shelf life of the products, the development of the products is limited. From the raw materials, glutinous rice, glutinous rice and glutinous rice can be used to produce rice cakes. The glutinous rice cakes are soft and sticky. The glutinous rice cakes are relatively hard, while the glutinous rice cakes are both soft and biting. Therefore, the famous Ningbo rice cakes in China are 100. Glutinous rice is used as raw material, and it is best to use new rice.

From the processing equipment, the biggest impact on the quality of rice cake products is the microwave drying machinery and equipment rice cake machine, the key part of which is the screw shaft. Some famous manufacturers of this equipment design and produce their own, because it is ancestral. Due to the short shelf life, the newly rolled rice cakes are generally produced and sold. Due to the development of vacuum preservation technology, it is also possible to produce products with a shelf life of more than half a year. This provides a guarantee for the circulation of the automatic production of rice cakes.

From the domestic and international data retrieval, there is no report on the automatic production technology of rice cake. On the basis of a large number of investigations and studies, we have learned from the automated production process of instant rice noodles. After repeated comparison and demonstration, we designed a wet process to produce rice cake production technology and equipment using glutinous rice as raw material, which is characterized by reasonable process and automation. High, suitable for technological transformation of large and medium-sized enterprises.

Rice cake making machine on large and medium-sized enterprises, the rice cake making machine is based on the characteristics of sufficient raw materials, convenient transportation and cheap labor. Combined with the traditional production process of the manufacturer, it has abandoned some unnecessary processes that are not practical, and supplemented some new ones that have greatly improved the quality of products. Processes and new equipment allow for maximum benefit from limited funds.

In actual production, as long as you choose a reasonable process, choose suitable and advanced equipment, familiar with the operation of each process, and strictly follow the procedures, you can ensure the production of high quality rice cake products.

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