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Principle of microwave drying machine frying machine


Fried food is one of the traditional delicacies in our country. It has a long history and is deeply loved by adults and children. Fried food is crisp and tastes sweet.

Principle of microwave drying machine frying machine

There are many kinds of frying equipment on the market. The backwardness of traditional frying equipment leads to the formation of many harmful substances in frying food under the condition of repeated frying at high temperature. Frequent consumption is extremely harmful to health.

Microwave drying mechanical equipment fryer is improved from traditional fryer. Generally, it is equipped with oil filter device, which is similar to the working principle of traditional fryer. The automatic temperature-controlled oil-water mixing fryer ingeniously applies the principle of different oil-water ratio, incompatibility and automatic stratification. It has high temperature oil layer, buffer oil layer (filter oil layer) and water layer in the tank. After oil-water mixing, the oil with low density is stratified automatically. After heating, the food is fried. The water level with high density is in the lower layer and receives the sinking residue. During the frying process, the food residue will fall from the oil layer to the bottom, and then be filtered out by the bottom sewage valve.

The processing parameters of food frying are different and control parameters are different. Fried crisp and delicious fried food is very important for the selection of equipment and process control. Self-microwave drying mechanical equipment fryer has completely overcome some shortcomings of traditional frying pan, frying tank and other frying equipment, such as large fume, poor environmental protection, low efficiency and so on.

Microwave drying machine is a smokeless, multi-functional, water-oil mixed frying equipment. It has the function of automatically adjusting the temperature of frying oil. It can adapt to the requirements of frying process parameters of different food materials. It can also filter out some impurities in time during frying process, thus avoiding the repeated frying of these impurities and producing them. There are too many harmful substances that endanger human health.

Microwave drying machinery and equipment fryer can control the oil layer constant temperature, uniform heating, eliminating animal oil residues in food, and can provide appropriate water, so that the fried food is delicate, soft, golden color, salivating, and produce an extraordinary pleasant taste after entry.

The food residue produced during frying is automatically immersed in the water layer under the action of gravity, and then discharged through the sewage outlet, so as to keep the frying oil clean, non-acidification, and improve the utilization ratio of frying oil. Compared with traditional frying equipment, it breaks through the defect of large amount of fume and serious acidification of the original frying machine, which makes frying oil fry more food in its service life and has obvious oil-saving effect. This kind of frying professional equipment has many advantages.

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