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Microwave drying machinery and equipment frying machine advantages


According to the environmental monitoring station, the soot test report is published. The average oil smoke concentration of the common fryer is 6.16mg/m3, while the equipment of the microwave drying machine is 1.96mg/m3, which is 1/3 of the ordinary fryer. Below, it is healthier and more environmentally friendly.

Microwave drying machinery and equipment frying machine advantages

The oil-water separation technology removes the residue and animal fat from the frying oil layer. Because the heater is located in the upper middle part, it can effectively control the convection of the upper and lower oil layers, make the oil temperature uniform, ensure the purity of various oil layers, and effectively control the acidification and food of the fried oil. The oil content makes the fried foods tasteless, the color, the fragrance and the taste are good, the appearance is clean and beautiful, the product quality is improved and the storage period is prolonged, which brings high added value to the product.

When the microwave drying machinery factory equipment frying food is fried, the food residue, excess moisture and heavy metal are quickly separated from the high temperature zone and sink into the low temperature zone, and are discharged with the water. When the frying oil is excessively dry, the water layer can supply the appropriate moisture to the frying layer, so that the fried food does not appear to be coking or carbonizing, thereby effectively controlling the generation of harmful substances and ensuring the health of the consumer.

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Energy saving

Compared with ordinary frying pans, the temperature of the middle layer of the oil layer is used to scientifically control the temperature of the frying oil in the upper and lower layers, effectively alleviating the oxidation degree of the frying oil, and suppressing the increase of the acid value, so that the frying machine can be used to fry the excellent oil. The bright and smooth food improves the quality of the product, solves the problem of excessive acidification of fried foods, and prolongs the service life of the frying oil.

The microwave drying machine factory equipment fryer is equipped with automatic temperature control device. After the frying temperature is selected, the heater is automatically controlled to maintain the constant temperature. This not only reduces energy consumption, but also makes operation simple and fast, and improves work efficiency. The unique temperature control technology and scientific product structure of the automatic temperature control oil-water mixing fryer enable users to save energy consumption such as electricity, gas and coal.


Today, the world faces the challenges of environmental, health, food safety and many other issues. Diet, health, safety and health care for every citizen. Innovations in food ingredients, processes, cooking utensils, etc. can promote healthy eating. The automatic temperature control oil-water mixing fryer adopts the advanced oil-water separation technology and the natural cooling technology of water during the working process. It uses the fried chicken, steak, lamb chops and other foods to meet the needs of nutritionally diverse diets. More responsive to the current societys safety of fried foods.

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