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The origin and development of dry flowers


Dry flowers are made of real natural flowers, processed by microwave drying machinery and equipment, and then have a unique style of ornamental flowers.

The origin and development of dry flowers

It has the durability that flowers can't reach, and it has the real and natural advantages over artificial flowers. As for its collocation changes, it can be mixed with flowers or artificial flowers to show a variety of different tastes. It is a kind of It is higher than nature based on nature. This kind of ambience and vividness is the realm of people's mastery of natural principles and the use of science and technology and high-tech techniques.

Dry flowers, this beautiful flower that has stood out in recent years, is the same as the dry flower machine. The dry flower machine uses the shape, color, posture, rhyme of the existing flowers, and it has become more and more popular. It has become a fashionable decoration and gift for the popular international market.

Dry flower characteristics

Dry flowers are the only non-viable products in the international flower trade. Transportation is free of aircraft and sales. It is not afraid of wilting. As far as producers are concerned, the requirements for natural conditions and transportation capacity are much looser than the production of other flower products. Dry flowers are typical low-input, high-output, labor-intensive industries.

It can not only carry out finishing processing in developed areas, but also produce flowers in poor areas. As a project for poverty alleviation, the technical content can be high or low, which is a promising undertaking. Its characteristics can be summarized as follows:

1.1 The raw materials are widely used. The plants used to make dry flowers are very rich. They are both artificially cultivated and have a large number of wild plants. In artificially cultivated plants, there are natural dry flower plants, such as jasmine, hemeroides, and lovers. Grass, etc. There are sorghum, wheat ears, cotton, etc. in the crops; not to mention the ornamental flowers. In addition, there are a lot of wild plants and some common weeds. So far, countries around the world often There are about 2,000 to 3,000 species of dried flower plants.

2. 2 Gestures Natural and simple dry flowers are made from plant materials. They not only have the natural charm of plants, but also maintain the colors and forms of plants.

2. 3 Easy to use Dry flowers and flowers that have been dried and shaped are not only able to maintain their shape and color for a long time, but also have a long storage and sales period. As long as the environment is clean and the air humidity is low, Accessible at any time, especially with greater freedom and stability in the anniversary supply.

2. 4 Creative creation, wide application of wide range Because dry flowers are not restricted by fresh-keeping conditions, it is more flexible and convenient in the creation of dry flower decorations.

China has a vast territory, complex climate, a wide variety of vegetation, and rich flower resources, including peony, peony, rose, rose, lily, azalea, carnation, orchid, chrysanthemum, etc. It is a raw material base for dry flowers that are hard to find in the world.

These cheap and good raw materials for dry flowers. As long as they are fully utilized, they can be processed and packaged to obtain considerable.

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