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The fate of new oil bombing technology


Deep-fried as a food processing and drying process has been around for a long time, fried is also one of the oldest cooking methods. Fried can kill bacteria in food, prolong the shelf life of food, increase the digestibility of nutrients in food, and the processing time is relatively short.

Therefore, the frying processing method is widely used in food processing. However, for a long time, many restaurants, fast food restaurants, and food factories are worried about the oxidative deterioration of frying oil in food processing, the short life cycle of frying oil, and the high production cost.

The fate of new oil bombing technology

Therefore, looking for a deep-fried technology that can extend the life cycle of fried oil and ensure the health and safety of fried foods has become the common voice of more food processing operators. Recently, a new type of microwave drying machinery frying machine appeared in the food machinery market of our company.

This industrial automatic fryer completely changes the structure of traditional frying equipment, scientifically adopts oil-water mixing technology, and by using a new type of burner, sealing heating, effectively controlling the temperature of the lower layer during the heating process, can slow down Oxidation of fats and oils, prolonging the service life of fried oils and improving the quality of products. The advent of this oil-water hybrid fryer will bring an epoch-making revolution to frying technology.

This new type of microwave drying machinery technology fryer is used in food processing plants, professional fried chicken shops, all kinds of large canteens, hotels, restaurants, etc., with its stable performance, superb craftsmanship, complete specifications and thoughtful The perfect after-sales service has won wide acclaim from users. In order to enable readers to fully understand the advancement of the technology.

Conventional fryers generally place the heating device in the frying oil. During the heating process, the local oil temperature is often overheated, the grease is accelerated, and some of the oil is volatilized, smoked, and polluted.

In addition, a large amount of food residue generated during the frying process sinks into the bottom of the oil pan and is repeatedly fried, which not only makes the frying oil dirty, shortens the service life of the frying oil, pollutes the fried food, and is repeatedly fried. Charcoal chips, especially when fried bacon foods, also produce a carcinogen of nitrosopyridine and alkane. These residues adhere to the surface of fried foods, which deteriorate the surface quality of foods and seriously affect consumers. Health. Secondly, the oil used for a long time under high temperature will produce a thermal oxidation reaction to form a peroxide of unsaturated fatty acid, which can directly hinder the absorption of oil and protein by the body and reduce the nutritional value of the food.

The root cause of the above drawbacks is that the oil is in a high temperature for a long time and the fried residue cannot be separated in time. The new industrial automatic frying equipment fundamentally solves the above problems, making fried foods develop in the direction of fuel economy, health and environmental protection, and fills a gap in domestic frying equipment.

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