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LK 6YZ-400 reliable 380V hydraulic plant oil extraction machine/hydraulic oil mill machine for sale

Place of Origin Original LD 6YZ-400 reliLDle 380V LDdraulic plant oil extraction LDine/LDdraulic oil mill LDine
Brand Name Groundnut Oil Plant
Certification CE ISO9001
Model Number Groundnut Oil Plant
Min.Order Quantity One set LD 6YZ-400 reliLDle 380V LDdraulic plant oil extraction LDine/LDdraulic oil mill LDine f
Price Negotiable
Packaging Details 100*105*170cm
Delivery Time Within 5 worLD LDs
Payment Terms paypal,UnionPay, Visa/MasterCard, Amex, Discover,T/T
Supply Ability 49

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Product application:

LK 6YZ-400 reliable 380V hydraulic plant oil extraction machine/hydraulic oil mill machine for sale

LK 6YZ-400 hydraulic oil press machine can directly squeeze out the oil when you add the materials into the barrel. And you will get the oil after 3-5 minutes.The cold/hot press hydraulic oil press machine is widely used for various oil seeds, such as sesame, walnut, peanut, flax seed, rape seed, etc.


Material Oil content Oil extraction rate
Walnut 50%-65% 45%-60%
14%-22% 10%-18%
Sesame 47%-60% 42%-55%
Flax seed 29%-44% 25%-40%
Green tea seed 34%-40% 30%-36%
Pumpkin seed 45%-50% 40%-45%
Chili 18%-22% 14%-18%
Peanut 45%-50% 40%-45%


Type 6YZ-150 6YZ-180 6YZ-230 6YZ-260 6YZ-320 6YZ-360 6YZ-400
Size(cm) 39*50*85 50*70*
Machine weight
250 750 1050 1400 1800 2000 2600
Model and power
of motor
YZ90L-4 1.1KW YZ90L-4
Press chamber/Cake
150 180 230 260 320 360 400
Single handingcapacity
2.5 4 8 11 15 20 25
Total handing capacity
15 24 48 55 75 100 125

6YZ-400 FOB(QINGDAO): 6300 USD

Main Feature:

1.Small size and cover a small eara.


2.Only three buttons ,easy to operate, no special requirment for operator.

3. high oil extraction rate. ( the thinner and more compact the cake, the higher the oil extraction rate.)

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Main body:

the principal part of the 6YZ-400 hydraulic oil press machine.
Top cap, stanchion and pedestal support the overall framework, all solid metal structure make the machine more durable.

Inside:oil gap (oil issue from the gap)

Pumping station:

All components are of good quality and adopt well-known domestic brands. Oil Skype: taishan0072very pipe for the metal pipe, to avoid the drawbacks of the rubber pipe easy to burst, more durable. Magnetic valve warranty for one year. Please replace the hydraulic oil in time, so as not to plug.

Oil Skype: taishan0072very pipe:

Electrical control cabinet:

①Thermometer: Displays the temperature in the tank.
②Temperature control button: Turn the switch to see the set temperature in the ①thermometer. Set the temperature should be consistent with the material, then the rate of oil will be the highest.
③Switch: Rotates the button to turn the oil press on / off.
④The light of power
⑤Pressure gage: Displays the pressure value in the hydraulic cylinder (40-60Mpa).

Working process:

You can Skype: taishan0072 the pressing vedio:https://Skype: taishan0072/bKamJ1VP_ss

We used sesame as the material sample.

1.Open the cover, put the screen plate and filter cloth into barrel.

2.Put the materials into barrel, put the filter cloth and steel plate onto the materials close the cover.

3.Turn on the on-off under the green light.And turn on the on-off under the yellow light to heat(The machine need preheatingTemperature of machineand the materials shuoud be consistent.) The oil press begin to work. Turn off the machine when the oil is no LD flowing. This process takes about 3-5min.

4.Open the cover, turn on the oil press, the cake will go up. When the cake rise to a certainheight,turn off the oil press and take the cake out.

5.Move the handle and the oil tank will drop to the bottom. The entire pressing process take 10-15 min.

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Hydraulic Oil Press Machine:

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1.All the parts of the machine we provide 1 year warranty.
2.Within the 1 year warranty, if the machine have problems that are caused by impersonal factors, we have provide accessories for free and guide our customer tomaintain.
3. All products in the factory will undergo a rigorous inspection to ensure that each machine is intact.

4. We will provide each machine with Chinese and English manual, so that users can successfully use the product and solve some of the problems in the processing of the operation.

Packing & Skype: taishan0072very

1.Packaging by wooden boxes or according to the requirement of customers.
2.Disassembly or not, according to the actual situation.

3.The normal Skype: taishan0072very cycle of the product is 10 to 15 working days.

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