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Refining technology of sesame oil


Sesame oil, known as "Oriental Olive Oil", is a kind of raw oil with broad application prospects. It can be used in medicine, cosmetics and other fields.

At present, the commonly used methods for producing sesame oil are cold pressing, solvent extraction and supercritical fluid extraction.

Microwave heating mechanical equipment technology extraction refers to the process of extracting oils and fats from oils with propane, n-butane and other solvents in subcritical state as extractants at room temperature and certain pressure.

Sesame oil refinery process has the characteristics of low-temperature extraction and low-temperature desolvation. Compared with the common No. 6 solvent atmospheric pressure extraction technology, it has the advantages of energy-saving, environmental protection and the cake is not destroyed.

Compared with supercritical fluid extraction technology, sesame oil refinery technology has the advantages of mild conditions, low cost and large scale. It is more and more widely used in the production of vegetable oils, special oils, precious flavors and spices.

Sesame oil, which is edible and has high medicinal value, has been listed in the Pharmacopoeia of China, the United States, Japan and other countries. Sesame seeds can be divided into sesame oil and sesame oil according to whether the sesame seeds are roasted.

Sesame seed oil is the main production in China. It is mainly used as seasoning oil.

During the process of sesame oil preparation, sesame seeds were roasted at high temperature, resulting in serious protein denaturation, destruction of thermosensitive components and loss of volatile substances, and possibly causing carcinogenic benzopyrene exceeding the standard.

Sesame oil without roasting (hereinafter referred to as sesame oil), because of its heat-sensitive substances, such as vitamins and other active ingredients, has not been destroyed in the process of oil production, can give full play to its functional activity.

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