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How to process popcorn


Popcorn contains essential proteins, fats, cellulose and other human body, can promote the development of children's brain, but also protect teeth, enhance anti-cancer function, prevent stomach disease and weight loss, is suitable for all ages of leisure health food.

Microwave drying machinery and equipment to produce popcorn machine gas popcorn, electric popcorn machine, industrial Caramel popcorn machine, hand popcorn machine, single pot popcorn machine, cabinet popcorn machine.

Industrial Caramel popcorn machine is clean and hygienic, easy to clean, easy to operate, only a few minutes to process delicious popcorn, suitable for cinemas, shopping malls, supermarkets and other places as well as street, market, school, amusement park and other processing and sales.

Industrial Caramel popcorn machine can choose different sizes and styles of machines according to different production quantities.

The mechanical structure is very simple, consisting of pan body, automatic mixing system, automatic temperature control system and so on. The operation is also very easy, turn on the power, when the pot body reaches a certain temperature (generally 180 degrees), put in cooking oil and other condiments, then put in corn, and finally put in sugar. Under the action of automatic agitator, the corn is heated uniformly for 2-3 minutes and then popped automatically. After the popping is finished, the corn can be packed and stored after cooling.

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