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Suggestions on the development and utilization of camellia seed oil


Development of green extraction technology of camellia seed oil

At present, the industrial production of camellia seed oil is mainly mechanical method, high temperature fried seeds are easy to produce PAHs, and water law and ultrasonic assisted methods are mainly based on laboratory research.

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Suggestions on the development and utilization of camellia seed oil

Therefore, how to apply it to industrial production has become the biggest problem. Green, high-efficiency and pollution-free, is the main theme of the modern era, the production of camellia seed oil and other edible oils and fats, and should take a green and environmentally friendly route in the future. Camellia seed oil press

Hainan has a superior geographical position. Most of the land is rich in selenium. Planting camellia can provide tea seeds with relatively high selenium content. The tea oil produced is richer in nutritive value than other regions.

Extraction of Functional Components of Camellia Seed Oil

Camellia seed oil is rich in bioactive substances such as VE and tea polyphenols, and is enriched by common methods such as resin adsorption method and solvent extraction method to increase the development of high value-added cosmetics of camellia seed oil. At the same time, Camellia seed oil is rich in unsaturated fatty acids, which can be enriched by extremely mature methods such as low-temperature freezing method and urea bagging method, and provide auxiliary materials for special medical products.

Development and utilization of tea seed cake

The tea seed cake contains a large amount of functional ingredients such as protein and tea saponin after removing the oil. It can be extracted and extracted by alkali extraction and acid precipitation. The degreased tea seed meal is rich in amino acid composition and content, and can be processed into animal feed.

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