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Application of Camellia Seed Oil in Cosmetics Industry


Before the advent of modern cosmetics, camellia seed oil was used as a traditional skin care hair care product in East Asia to improve the moisturization, smoothness and elasticity of skin and hair.

Camellia saponin contained in camellia seed oil is a non-toxic surfactant with antioxidant activity and can be applied to advanced washing products. Compared with traditional surfactants, tea saponin has the advantages of being degradable, non-polluting and non-toxic, and is a natural active agent. Camellia seed oil can also be used to make cleansing oil with a very mild effect.

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Application of Camellia Seed Oil in Cosmetics Industry

Cosmetic grade camellia seed oil is mainly produced by low temperature and high pressure process. It is often used as a high-end cosmetic raw material or as a massage base oil, and is widely welcomed in domestic and foreign markets. Camellia seed oil hydraulic press

The main component of camellia seed oil used in cosmetics is unsaturated fatty acids. They act on intercellular lipids in the stratum corneum and are good penetration enhancers, which can increase the flow of lipids and increase the transdermal rate of functional substances. The permeation-promoting effect of this kind of compound is related to the length of the carbon chain and the number of double bonds, the carbon chain increases, the double bond increases, and the compound enhances the absorption and absorption of the skin.

Camellia seed oil has a high oleic acid content, which not only has a long-lasting effect, but also selectively promotes transdermal absorption of the raw materials and functional massage oils. In addition, Camellia Seed Oil has significant anti-oxidation and whitening function, which has been applied in the cosmetics industry. Its anti-inflammatory effect can reduce the skin allergies and can be applied to cosmeceuticals.


This article reviews the basic functions of camellia seed oil, including antioxidant, anti-inflammatory, whitening, anti-cancer, improving physical fitness, as well as the comprehensive application of camellia seed oil in food, pharmaceutical, chemical and other industries, especially in the field of cosmetics. It can provide a certain reference for the further development and application of Camellia seed oil.

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