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Research on processing technology and equipment for cashew nuts(1)


Based on the full investigation of domestic cashew processing technology and equipment, the new technology and corresponding equipment for cashew processing were studied according to China's national conditions, and the mechanization of the processing of cashew nuts was realized. The application proves that the products processed by the process and equipment have good quality and low cost.

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The cashew tree, also known as Jia Rushu, is a nut, and is one of the world's four famous dried fruits. The nuts contain 1.2% protein, 47% lipid, 4.6% ~ 1 1.2% starch, 2.4% ~ 8.7 % sugar, and a small amount of vitamins are nutritious foods with rich nutrition and flavor.

Research on processing technology and equipment for cashew nuts(1)

The cashew nut shell is the outer skin of the nut, about 45% of the shell liquid, the shell liquid contains 90% of the cashew nut shell oleic acid, and the carotenol is 10%. It is a dry oil, and the extracted shell liquid is physicochemically treated with aldose or phenolic acid. The resin obtained by the polymerization is excellent in performance. It can be used for advanced paint, color film roll coloring agent, excellent brake car skin, submarine cable insulation material, etc. Cashew processing machine

Hainan Province is China's cashew nut production area. It has planted cashew nuts about 1 2000 ha. Because of low fertilization and low management level, the annual output of cashew nuts is only over 20,000 tons, and the average yield per mu is only over 10 kg. At present, the Hainan Cashew Research Center has successfully cultivated high-yield clones, which will be promoted in production in the future, and it is likely to reach 10 kg per mu during the prolific period. According to relevant statistics, there are nearly 130,000 ha of land suitable for planting cashew nuts in Hainan Province. If one-third of the land is used for planting cashew nuts, the annual output of cashew nuts will reach 50,000 tons.

With the improvement of the living standards of people's livelihood in China, the consumption of cashew nuts is increasing. There are more than ten cashew and fruit processing factories in Hainan and Guangdong provinces alone. The annual processing capacity is over 10,000 tons, and most of the processed cashew nuts are imported.

The processing methods of these factories all adopt the original manual operation method, the processing technology is backward, and the production efficiency is low. In order to promote the development of China's cashew processing technology and meet the needs of export, we have been researching the "cash processing technology and equipment" since 1990, and in a relatively short period of time, we have conquered the mechanized cooking, peeling and peeling of cashew nuts. Difficulties, and in the year of 1991, exported a production line with an annual processing capacity of 2,050 tons of cashew nuts to Nigeria.

Since the production line was put into production in December 1992, the whole set of equipment has been in normal operation and has been tested and accepted. The output has reached the design requirements, the product quality is good, the production line is cheap, and it conforms to the national conditions of the third world, in order to enhance the production line in the international market. In the past two years, on the basis of the original production line, a lot of research and improvement work has been done on the sheller and the peeling machine, and a new generation of prototypes has been successfully developed and tested.

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