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Green sunflower oil production technical specifications (2)


Green sunflower oil production specification

Raw material production environment and base

The production of green sunflower oil raw materials shall comply with the environmental quality standards for green food producing areas and the environmental investigation, testing and evaluation regulations for green food producing areas.

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The environment requires no air pollution around the place of origin and the place of production. In particular, there should be no pollution source in the upper air outlet, and the air quality should be stable. In addition to sufficient water, the requirements for water are more important to the environmental quality of water.

Green sunflower oil production technical specifications (2)

Water sources that are clean and non-polluting in the water quality of the surface or groundwater should be selected without a source of pollution that poses a threat to the area. The production base is required to be located in the area where the background value of soil elements is normal. There are no heavy metals or non-heavy metal mountain mines in and around the base. It is not polluted by high-quality metals such as heavy metals. The pesticide residues in the soil are low and have good soil fertility.

According to the pesticide use standards and fertilizer use standards in the green food standard, the production of pesticides and fertilizers is an important indicator to ensure the safety of green sunflower oil.

Management rules for the production process of green sunflower oil machine

Raw material production management requirements

In order to ensure the quality of green sunflower oil, 95% of the raw materials needed to produce green sunflower oil should come from the green food label or the national green sunflower oil raw material standardization production base. Green sunflower oil should not be produced using genetically modified raw materials.

Enterprises in the green sunflower production base should receive relevant training related to green foods, earnestly accept the unified management of the relevant green food management organizations at all levels, and strictly carry out production activities in accordance with the requirements of green food production operations. Green sunflower production enterprises can sign planting contracts with green food raw material production enterprises, arrange production and planting as required; bases establish farmland production archives, do a good job in agricultural management; and accept green food management agencies at all levels for inspection.

Factory design and facility hygiene

The design and requirements of the green sunflower oil production plant should be based on NY/T 751-2011. The site selection must be based on areas with convenient transportation, sufficient water supply, no toxic and harmful gas fumes, radioactive materials and other diffuse pollution sources.

The factory area and production workshop should have reasonable layout of hardware facilities in accordance with the regulations, which is convenient for management cleaning and disinfection. With waste water treatment equipment, the emission standards should comply with national environmental protection regulations.

Requirements for additives in the production process

The use of additives in green sunflower oil processing should be in accordance with NY/T 392-2013. The environmental quality of AA-grade green food production area should meet the requirements of NY/T391-2013 and be produced in accordance with the green food production standard. The production process should follow the natural laws and ecological principles, coordinate the planting balance, and must not use chemical synthetic fertilizers, pesticides, etc. Adding substances, the quality of the products conforms to the standards of green food products, and the green food mark can be used after being certified by a special agency.

The environmental quality of the A-grade green food production area should meet the requirements of NY/T 391-2013. The limited chemical synthetic fertilizers, pesticides and additives can be used in a limited amount. The quality of the products conforms to the green food product standards. The green food mark can be used after special agency certification.

Packaging and storage requirements

Basic requirements Packaging materials should be clean and hygienic and meet the relevant standards of NY/T5658-2015. The packaging container should be convenient for consumers to open, carry and store; protect the green sunflower oil safely, meet the hygienic standard of the packaging container, and should not chemically react with the oil to produce debris.

Storage and transportation requirements

Vehicle and ship containers for the transportation of raw materials and products shall comply with the requirements of NY/T 1056-2006. It is not allowed to transport and mix with toxic, harmful or other substances that may cause pollution. Pay attention to safety during transportation, avoid collision, wrestling and rolling, prevent extrusion and deformation, pollution, sun, rain and moisture.

Storage should be stored in a cool, dry and dark-proof special warehouse with pest control and rat-proof facilities, regularly cleaned and disinfected. Raw materials and finished products should be stacked according to different varieties to prevent spoilage.

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