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Study on the Characteristics and Development of Pet Food

Study on the Characteristics and Development of Pet Food

With the increase in the number of pets in China, pet food has attracted more and more people's attention. The market share of pet food has gradually increased, and foreign famous brands are gradually entering the Chinese market. It mainly introduces the characteristics of several pet foods, including dog food, cat food, bird food and rabbit food, and reviews the development prospects of cat food, fish food and dog food, and the differences in pet food development at home and abroad.

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Nowadays, with the change of people's concept of life and the increase of one-child families, Chinese residents are more and more fond of keeping pets. Pets have become people's leisure and emotional sustenance. The increase in the number of pets has directly stimulated the increase of pet food (Creation, 2006). At the same time, the quality of pet food production has become a special concern of pet owners, because the quality of pet food is directly related to pet food. Research on pet health, such as Marta et al. (2001) shows that substances in pet food (dust) affect flame retardants in animal serum and S. Ohshima et al. (2011) found that green onions can harm animal health.

Pet food is a food specially provided for pets and small animals, between high-end animal foods between human food and traditional livestock and poultry feed.

Pet dog food selection characteristics

Special pet dog food is a nutritious food developed for pet dogs according to the nutritional needs of pet dogs. The preparation of pet dog food is very strict. The distribution ratio of pet dog food is different according to the breed, size, physiological condition and health degree of the dog (Gao Min, 2013).

The choice of pet dog food is mainly based on the following points:

First look at the color, pet dog food mainly includes two kinds of animals and plants. Generally, high-quality pet dog foods use more animal species. Low-grade pet dog foods usually use cereals. Good quality dog foods are darker in color. And brownish;

The second smell, there is no chemically synthesized flavoring in the pet dog food, and the good pet dog food will give off the natural taste. For example, the high quality pet dog food made with meat will give off the natural meat flavor;

Thirdly, looking at the granular structure, keeping the coarse particles inside the pet dog food will increase the palatability and promote digestion and absorption of the dog's gastrointestinal tract. High-quality pet dog foods will clearly see the original state of the raw materials when opened, and can see the tiny particles in the raw materials;

The fourth look at the capacity, high-quality pet dog food particles structure is tight and full, the capacity will be higher, the low-end pet dog food uses the raw material quality is poor, so the production of pet dog food is loose, relatively low capacity.

Advantages and disadvantages of pet cat food

The quality of pet cat food is critical from packaging to pellets and hardness. In general, the quality pet cat food has two characteristics: The first package is exquisite, it is a moisture-proof bag specially designed and manufactured. When the bag is opened, it can smell the natural scent and make the appetite. The second granule is full and even. The color is deeper and the oily feel is visible from the inside out.

The low-end pet cat food is generally packaged in plastic or kraft paper. This kind of material is easy to deteriorate the pet cat food. Chemical additives are also commonly used in pet cat food. After opening the bag, there is a pungent smell, such as strong flavor and low-grade pet cat. The grain particles are uneven and the color is lighter and appears to be relatively dry (Song Orientation, 2013).

Not only that, the softness and hardness of pet cat food is also a part that can not be ignored when choosing. The package of pet cat food will basically be written for kittens or cats, and often does not indicate soft hardness, pet cat food. Softness does not affect the quality and nutrition of pet cat food, but softness and shape are important for cat molars and teeth cleaning, because moderately sized pet cat food can clean teeth and remove gingival stones when chewing cats The role.

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