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Discussion on the preparation technology and equipment of shea butter


Shea butter, commonly known as shea butter, is a tropical woody oil made from the fruit of the Shea Butter (or Shea Butter, Shea Butter), which is unique to the Midwest of the state, and is white in appearance. Light yellow, soft waxy solid or semi-solid at room temperature, with a fresh shea butter atmosphere, the solution is clear and transparent.

Microwave drying machinery to extract shea butter

Discussion on the preparation technology and equipment of shea butter

Shea butter extracted from the shea butter extractor is a typical non-drying oil. The main components are triglycerides and unsaponifiables, of which the triglyceride content is about 80%, and the content of non-saponifiable matter (1) % to 19%) varies depending on the season, the climate of the producing area, the quality of the raw materials, and the method of refining.

The average composition of fatty acids in shea butter is 41% to 52% oleic acid, 30% to 46% stearic acid, 3% to 8% palmitic acid, 0 to 0.3% palmitoleic acid, and 4% linoleic acid. 12%, linolenic acid 0-1.3%, arachidic acid 0.2%-3.0%, peanut-enoic acid 0-0.6%, the average composition of unsaponifiable matter is decene alcohol 65%-75%, Plant sterols range from 3.5% to 8.0%. Shea butter has a high unsaponifiable content, is highly oil soluble, and is safe and non-toxic, giving it its unique value in eating, makeup, and medical care.

Shea butter is extremely precious and is called “Jadeite in Vegetable Oils” by chemists and pharmacologists. It is often used for skin care and to prevent dry skin and dehydration.

In recent years, with the continuous improvement of the living standards of our people and the awareness of health and beauty, the natural green handmade soaps, sunscreens and make-up cosmetics that are marketed with shea butter are increasingly favored by consumers.

Therefore, natural shea butter, which is an important raw material, has strong demand in the domestic market, and the price remains high. Many companies are rushing to invest in the establishment of shea butter processing plants in non-state raw materials, thus driving China's shea butter. Development and export of process equipment.

After a large number of process and equipment test studies, we have basically mastered the process and equipment configuration for the production of shea butter. The relevant research and existing problems are as follows, and the production technology of shea butter is discussed with the industry colleagues. The problem is discussed together to make a technical reference for the development of shea butter.

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