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Baking dryer


Microblog drying equipment Baking and drying machine mechanical equipment uses heat to reduce material moisture for baking and drying objects. The dryer evaporates water (usually called water or other volatile liquid components) in the material by heating to obtain solid materials with specific moisture content. The purpose of drying is to use or further process materials.

The baking and drying machine adopts digital temperature control instrument, which is sensitive, reliable, easy to operate, and the digital display is more intuitive and clear. The machine is equipped with an air blower, and the air enters the workroom from the air duct, which promotes the circulation and convection of hot air in the workroom, so as to have better temperature uniformity.

The structure of constant temperature oven of dryer is precise, the temperature-controlled grain roaster is digital sensitive, accurate and easy to operate. It is suitable for drying, baking and heat treatment of articles in laboratories of industrial and mining enterprises, colleges and universities, scientific research and medical treatment, medical and health units.

The temperature control system is flexible, accurate, clear and intuitive.

The temperature of the dryer can be adjusted arbitrarily from 10 to 300 and the temperature can be automatically constant by means of the temperature control system in the box. The machine is suitable for baking, industrial oven heat treatment or other heating.

The working temperature of the dryer can start from room temperature to the maximum temperature. Within this range, the working temperature can be selected arbitrarily. After selection, the temperature can be kept constant by means of the automatic control system in the box.

The dryer has an electric blower, which promotes the mechanical convection of indoor hot air and makes the indoor temperature more uniform.


1. Electronic temperature controller or digital display temperature controller can control temperature accurately and reliably.

2. The toughened glass observation door is safe, reliable and convenient.

3. High temperature resistant silicone rubber sealing strip is adopted, which has good sealing and heat preservation performance and aging resistance.

Baking dryer
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