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Research Progress on stability of peanut butter


As one of the leisure foods, peanut butter not only has special flavor and good taste, but also is convenient to eat and has a variety of eating methods. It is a delicious accompaniment or condiment food.

Peanut butter currently accounts for 37% of China's consumption of peanuts. Peanut butter is not only rich in vegetable protein, but also rich in vitamin nicotinic acid, vitamin E and minerals. It has rich nutrition and unique flavor. It is a good accompaniment and condiment. In the United States, peanut butter and hamburgers have gradually become part of the American diet.

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Research Progress on stability of peanut butter

Peanut butter is prone to oil sequestration during storage. The floating oil is not only easily oxidized and rancid, but also the non-greasy part of peanut butter naturally deposits into hard solid substances during storage, which results in the decrease of flavor, smearing property, sensory quality and shortening of storage period of peanut butter, which seriously restricts peanut in China. The development of sauce industry. It concluded that the separation of peanut soy sauce accorded with the theory, and put forward two ways to prevent the separation of peanut soy sauce: on the one hand, adding emulsifier and stabilizer in the production process of peanut butter; on the other hand, improving the production process of peanut butter machine.

Peanut butter, as a new product for further processing of peanut, is a high nutritional food. The peanut butter processing technology was improved to improve the peanut sauce sauce layering. The improvement of the process is to squeeze a small amount of peanut oil from the peanut after removing the red clothes by an oil press, and then crush the peanut oil with a crusher, grind it roughly, grind it fine, add additives, ingredients and package it.

The improvement of peanut butter processing technology is to extract a small amount of peanut oil from peanut without affecting the flavor of peanut butter itself. It is an effective and feasible method to solve the stratification of soy sauce.

The processing technology of stable peanut butter was improved. The technological process was as follows: peanut kernels screening and grading baking first grinding adding stabilizers and other condiments second grinding rapid cooling of the obtained peanut butter bottling. The difference between this process and the traditional one is that the peanut butter is quickly cooled by grinding twice. This process is to cool the sample in ice water or in a 7 C refrigerator. After cooling, the peanut butter needs to be stationary for 24 to 48 hours, waiting for the whole crystallization before it can move the finished peanut butter products at will. This process is called "ripening".

If the rapid cooling process is removed, the high temperature structure will not be damaged to a certain extent, and the loose porous structure will accelerate the oil precipitation.

The timing of addition of emulsifiers has an important effect on the stability of peanut butter. The processing technology of peanut butter was studied and compared. On the basis of determining that the stability of peanut butter with 14% protein powder and 1.5% monoglyceride as stabilizer is better, the technological processes of three different periods of adding stabilizer are compared. The first process is to add mixed stabilizer to the roughly ground peanut butter and then grind it; the second process is to add mixed stabilizer to the pretreated peanut and then grind it roughly and finely; and the third process is to add mixed stabilizer after crushing the pretreated peanut and then grinding it roughly and finely. The results show that the third process avoids the shortcomings of non-uniform dispersion of emulsifiers, large difference in particle size of mixed stabilizers, and grading phenomenon of rough grinding after adding stabilizers.

The process of peanut butter production was improved by using a hypoxic grinding method developed in China. This technology mainly uses nitrogen to replace carbon dioxide, thus solving the problem of high cost economically. The peanut butter produced by this process not only has good stability, long shelf life and no segregation of soy sauce, but also has a very delicate taste and good smearing performance. The method of hypoxic grinding has low production cost and simple method, which is more suitable for industrial production.

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