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Key technologies of twin screw extruder


Twin-screw extruder technology was introduced into China in the 1980s and applied to plastic modification projects. In the past 30 years, through continuous technical digestion and innovation, the twin-screw extruder manufacturing enterprises in China have been maturing and developing, and have occupied a higher market share in the international market, and have also occupied a higher market share in engineering plastics and rubber. Rubber, food, paper and other industries are widely used.

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Especially in the food snack industry, twin screw extruder snack machine has become the main equipment for snack extrusion and puffing.

However, the technical level and product quality of twin-screw extruder are not uniform. For users, how to select and evaluate the extruder products has become a thorny problem, and what kind of extruder equipment is of high cost performance. For the purpose, the basic requirements of the equipment are as follows:

1) Quality: Quality is the most important thing for users. The quality of extruded products is the commitment to customers, the life of enterprises, and the development of enterprises. Therefore, whether the consistency of products in each batch can be guaranteed for a long time is an important index to evaluate the quality of an extruder.

Efficiency: Efficiency is a further evaluation index. On the basis of guaranteeing the quality, making the product yield per unit time the highest is the goal of every enterprise. It is also the only way for enterprises to develop rapidly. High-speed and high-efficiency extruder is one of the main development directions of extruder manufacturing technology.

2) Cost: Improving efficiency itself is one of the means to reduce costs. Improving efficiency directly reduces the energy consumption of water, electricity and gas per unit time, that is, lowering operating costs. At the same time, the human cost and management cost that enterprises are most concerned about are also reduced accordingly, and the demand for equipment and land is reduced accordingly.

3) Durability: Efficiency is inversely proportional to life. Increasing efficiency may lead to a reduction in life. In order to ensure or increase life under the premise of high efficiency, more durable materials are needed, i.e. the use of screw materials with high wear resistance and high strength mandrels.

4) Practicality: From the user's point of view, whether the equipment is easy to operate and maintain, whether the equipment can run stably, whether the failure rate is high or low, is also one of the indicators to assess the quality of a extruder.

To sum up, quality and efficiency are two decisive important indicators, and how to "ensure quality" and "improve efficiency" is the goal of extruder development for many years.

Key technologies of twin screw extruder

The twin-screw extruder is divided into two key parts: extrusion and transmission. The extrusion parts are the key parts to ensure the quality. The transmission parts are the key parts to improve the efficiency and ensure the quality. The technological progress of twin screw is marked by the renewal of torque distribution box, which shows its importance.

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