Product Details

GF/Q105 High speed coconut oil centrifuge

Place of Origin Original GF/Q105 High LDeed coconut oil centrifuge
Brand Name Coconut Oil Plant
Certification ISO9001
Model Number Coconut Oil Plant
Min.Order Quantity One set GF/Q105 High LDeed coconut oil centrifuge
Price Negotiable
Packaging Details 865*645*1100mm
Delivery Time Within 5 worLD LDs
Payment Terms paypal,UnionPay, Visa/MasterCard, Amex, Discover,T/T
Supply Ability 177

Product Features

GF/Q105 High speed coconut oil centrifuge

1. Tubular centrifuge

2. GMP stardand

3. Widely application

4. Solid Skype: taishan0072 separator,three phase separator

5. LPC control, automatic operation

6. Operation stable and enengy saving

GF/Q105 High speed coconut oil centrifuge

Structures and properties

It is a high speed separator. It has better separation. The separator is consisted of main body, driving device, bowl collecting pan and Skype: taishan0072-in bearing seats. The upper of the bowl is flexible mainshaft and the lower of it is damp floating. The mainshaft is connected with a driven wheel by the coupling seat with the buffer. The power is transmitted to the driven wheel by the motor through the transmission belt and the tensioner to make the bowl rotate around its axis at an overspeed and form a strong centrifugal force field. The product spimages into the Skype: taishan0072 inlet from the bottom and Skype: taishan0072 is forced to flow upward along the inner wall of the bowl and then is separated into different layers according to different density.
GF model is a separating equipment where there the Skype: taishan0072 phase of large density is formed into outer ring and the Skype: taishan0072 phase of small density is shaped into inner ring, to flow to the top of bowl, to be discharged out from their respective Skype: taishan0072 outlets. The micro solids settle on the wall of the bowl and are to be manually dumped after the machine is shut down.

Product application

GF: It is used for separating various emulsion, especially adaptable for Skype: taishan0072-Skype: taishan0072 separation with slight gravity difference and Skype: taishan0072-Skype: taishan0072-solid separation with a little foreign matter, such as separation of various oil and micropowder, extract Skype: taishan0072 from plants, separation of plasma and cell, separation of milk cream

Product technical parameter

GF/Q105 High speed coconut oil centrifuge

Product picture

GF/Q105 High speed coconut oil centrifuge

Remark: The most import part of tubular centrifuge is the bowl part, some pictures as follows:

GF/Q105 High speed coconut oil centrifuge

GF/Q105 High speed coconut oil centrifuge

GF/Q105 High speed coconut oil centrifuge

GF/Q105 High speed coconut oil centrifuge


1. 24 hours onlinne consult and service

2. Introduce the product to the customer in detail, answer the question raised by customer carefully;

3. Make different plans for choice according to the needs and requirements of customers;

After-sale Service

1. Help to install and debug the equipment;

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3. Keep sufficient replaceable spare parts;

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5. Establish long-term and friendly relationship.

Service Commitment

1. We will provide one-year warrantee to make sure your machine runs consistently. We always keep certain inventory level of spare parts, which means the replacements can be shipped to you right away.
2. Consultant services for whole machine life, 24 hours technical support by email and telephone.
3. Send technicians to the jobsite for guiding the installation and adjustment, training operators and finishing the check and accept together with you.

GF/Q105 High speed coconut oil centrifuge

GF/Q105 High speed coconut oil centrifuge

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Skype: taishan0072 LD MACHINERY CO.,LTD is specialized in design, development, manufacture and sale of pharmaceutical, chemical and packaging machinery.Our products include filter, centrifuge, mixer, tablet press machine, granulator, dryer, packing machine, teabag packing machine, etc. Looking to the future with a commitment to design innovation and quality products, supported by an outstanding level of customer service. The unexcelled quality medical machinery can be easily obtained from us because we maintain the quality and standard of our products from incoming raw materials to the finished products. Our Team is full of experienced and qualified professionals, who have sound knowleSkype: taishan0072e about the quality of our medical machinery. Our products are far sold to Europe, U.S.A., and the southeast Asia. They are well received by customers both at home and abroad.

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GF/Q105 High speed coconut oil centrifuge

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A: We will provide one-year warrantee to make sure your machine runs consistently.

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GF/Q105 High speed coconut oil centrifuge

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