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Palm Fruits Oil Equipment(1-100T)

Place of Origin Original Palm Fruits Oil Equipment(1-100T)
Brand Name Palm Oil Plant
Model Number Palm Oil Plant
Min.Order Quantity One set Palm Fruits Oil Equipment(1-100T)
Price Negotiable
Delivery Time Within 5 worLD LDs
Payment Terms paypal,UnionPay, Visa/MasterCard, Amex, Discover,T/T
Supply Ability 148

Product Features


We adopt advanced dry process method, with the hot air transfer the heats, so they have many kinds of characters, such as continuelly automatic operation, steady running, low noise and reliable performance. Specially not produce the waste water.

2) Specification and raw material

Treatment fresh palm fruit 0.5- 1Tons/Hour

Palm fruit pulp in whole fruit: 45-55%

3) Technical target

Electrical consumption: ≤140 Kw.h/T material

Yield of output oil > 20%

Residue oil of cake dregs

Process flow and description of the process ( we supply for the Auto CAD drawing after paying the designing fees )

Explanation of main process

Palm fruit dryer section

this process adopts the vertical dryer, with the hot wind to transfer the heats (90-95degrees). It removes out the more mositure, let the palm fruit pulp become very softy and damage pulp cell structure.

Automatic control and safety device of automatic moisture meter, automatic temperature control, pressure switches, motor overload protection, automatic ignition, automatic shutdown

Note: the selection of hot air furnace as heat source, the heat quantity shall not be less than 20million cards / hour, air volume is 10000cubic meters / hour. The fuel could be palm shell, palm bunch,etc.

Digester and Separator section

The palm fruit quickly is carried out for crushing,and separate to fruit pulp and nut under the centrifuge separator. The nut is conveyed into nut clearer process, the palm pulp is feed into oil press for pressing.

Pressing section: Palm fruit pulp enter into continuous screw press for pressing,which is divided into two parts: crude oil, solid impurities mixture including to the cake. Crude Oil gutter inflow to oil purification section; press cake is conveyed into the fiber- recovery section.

Crude oil purification section

It adopts the vibrate sieve to remove out the big dregs,fibre from the crude oil .then use the Plate filter to remove out the small dregs. After two steps the crude oil is very clearer.

Palm nut treatment process/nut clearer section

This process adopts the centrifuge sieve to separate the nut and fibre and dregs.

The nut is for store after drying under vertical dryer, the firbre and dregs is for the fuel.

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