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small conveyor dryer / industrial conveyor dryers

Place of Origin China
Brand Name Industrial Conveyor Mesh Belt Dryer
Certification CE & ISO
Model Number Industrial Conveyor Mesh Belt Dryer
Min.Order Quantity One set small conveyor dryer / industrial conveyor dryers
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Packaging Details 5.0*1.3*2.7M
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Product Features

Mesh belt dryer / belt dryer/ mesh belt dryer machine


Food dryer is drying equipment using steel network as transmission belt carrying material

continuous drying, the most suitable flow. Since the transmission belt is a mesh, so the

drying regular or irregular various nubby object (such as: slag forming fast, food, vegetables

and so on) is the most appropriate. This machine can be used and other equipment. Can also

be used independently. The food drying machine is the ideal equipment for food and

vegetables drying processing

Features1.Mesh belt dryer (mesh belt dryer) can adjust the amount of air, heating temperature, residence time and feed rate of materials in order to obtain the best drying effect.2.Device configuration flexibility, mesh belt can be used to flush the cooling system of systems and materials.3 mesh belt dryer (mesh belt dryer) Most of the air recycling, energy saving height. 4.Mesh belt dryer is a unique sub-wind device, so that the hot air distribution more uniform, to ensure the consistency of product quality.5.The heat source can be steam, thermal oil, supporting points or gas-fired hot air furnace.6.Drying uniformly smell after drying.

Mesh belt dryer is a common continuous drying equipment, can be widely used in the chemical, food, pharmaceutical, building materials, electronics and other industries, especially for better breathable sheet, strip, drying of granular materials on the filter pasty material of the cake, also available through the granulator or extruded bar mechanism forming after drying. Suitable for drying garlic, potatoes, beans, mushrooms, peppers, carrots and all kinds of Chinese herbal medicinesDescription: The drying time is generally 20-30 minutes, the high-temperature drying furnace is manufactured by a heat-resistant steel of the chain conveyor and the high-temperature tunnel kiln. High temperature metal mesh belt conveyor into drying by 25-30 minutes onto the ball in the net after cooling network with output.

Technical parameter

The 5 layer 5 meters belt dryer technology parameter table


Technical parameters


Overall size



Belt dryer




electrical consumption:32kw




Gas/Fuel belt dryer KX-5-5R



Gas/Fuel consumption:4L/h

150 kg/h



vapour belt dryer KX-5-5Z



heating temperature:80-120°C

150 kg/h



small conveyor dryer / industrial conveyor dryers

small conveyor dryer / industrial conveyor dryers

small conveyor dryer / industrial conveyor dryers

small conveyor dryer / industrial conveyor dryers

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