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300-500kg/h Grape seedl oil press machine

Place of Origin Original 300-500kg/h Grape seedl oil press LDine
Brand Name oil extraction machine cold press expeller
Certification ISO
Model Number oil extraction machine cold press expeller
Min.Order Quantity One set 300-500kg/h Grape seedl oil press LDine
Price Negotiable
Packaging Details 2600*1000*1300mm
Delivery Time Within 5 worLD LDs
Payment Terms paypal,UnionPay, Visa/MasterCard, Amex, Discover,T/T
Supply Ability 136

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500 Kg/h grape seed Oil Press Machine


Can Press oil from Peanut, soybean ,Rapeseed ,Cottonseed, Sesame, Sunflower seed, flaxseed ,castor seed, corn germ,Tea seed, palm kernel, shea, Shea fruit, Pomegranate seeds , palm kernel, Copra, coffee beans,cocoa beans, hoimagesonia, Pumpkin seed, Grape seed etc.More than 40 kinds oil crops.


1. Small size , requires small land to set and run.

2. Low investment, can bring customers with good profit.

3. Good quality and long durability, made of the most suitable material with refind treatments to ensure the long term using.

4. Can be driven by diesel generator if your local electricity power is not stable.

5. Advanced Mechatronics Design

Scientific design, reasonablly structured, user-freindly control, safety and stability, using fully automated device, only for a few minutes from the feeding to the finished product.

6. Good material & Precise Technology

The product adopt high carbon steel, processed with high-frequency quenching and heat treatment, has high hardness, strength and excellent resistance from abrasion . Thus our oil press machines can be operated under high temperature and high pressure continously for decades of time ,

7. Reasonable pressing chamber Design & High oil extraction rate

Adopting the most advanced multistage pushing and gradual compressing technology on the oil press machine, we make the press chamber pressure increasequickly, separate the oil one time completely, What's more, the oil press machine are applied the infrared temperature control system, which control the pressing temperature automatically, slow the water steaming speed and soften the oil plants directly, As a result , oil molecules activated, press more stably and oil extraction rate improves greatly.

8. Appropritate for four seasons No restriction

The oil press machine is not restrict to climate, appropritate to four season both south and north area, because the oil receiver device adopt heating temperature control system, it can automatic adjust the temperature of crude oil, in order to achieve fast and fine filtration effect. So it is not affected by season and climate, can press all the year.

9. High efficient oil filter system embedded in the oil press machine

Our oil prss machine apply a variety of filtration system devices, including the filtering pressure system, temperature of the crude oil control device, oil outlet device and the automatic filter system, which make the oil press and oil filter simultaneously and improve the filting speed greatly, conveniently and practically,

10. Capable of Extensive Oil Plants

Sanbang oil press machine can press more than 40 oil plants such as peanuts, soybeans, rapeseeds, sesame seeds, sunflower seeds, flaxseeds, camellia seeds, cotton seeds, pepper seeds, walnut kernel, tung seeds, castor seeds, almond etc.


During the press running, the processed oil material feeded from the hopper into the press chamber. The press screw press the raw material by pushing foward them. While under the multistage thread pushing technology, the press screw and press chamber generate huge frictional resistance due to the relative motion of the oil material; On the other hand, because of the diameter of the screw is designed gradually enlarged, so the gap between the screw thread and the press chamber is gradually reduced, as a result the awesome pressure on the raw material is generated, and the surface layer of the material closed to the press screw while rolling with the press shaft caused the micro raw materials not moving at a constant speed and in the same direction, As a result, the heat caused by friction meet the necessary temperature of the oil process operations, which causes the protein denaturation in the raw material, destroyed colloid, increased the figurability, and reduce the viscosity at the same time, easy to precipitate oil, thus increasing oil producing ratio of the oil press.

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Our Production scale and Capablility:

We have the production capability an average of 300 set of screw oil press machine and hydraulic oil press machine, 20 unit small refinery equipment, middle oil refinery equipment and other auxiliary machinery.

The largest monthly production of 700 oil press machine

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