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Three Stage Filtration Equipment for purifying cooking oil/sesame oil/peanut oil usage, Oil Restoring Plant

Place of Origin Original Three Stage Filtration Equipment for purifying cooLD oil/sesame oil/peanut oil usage, Oil
Brand Name Groundnut Oil Plant
Certification CE ISO9001:2000
Model Number Groundnut Oil Plant
Min.Order Quantity One set Three Stage Filtration Equipment for purifying cooLD oil/sesame oil/peanut oil usage, Oil
Price Negotiable
Packaging Details As per model
Delivery Time Within 5 worLD LDs
Payment Terms paypal,UnionPay, Visa/MasterCard, Amex, Discover,T/T
Supply Ability 124

Product Features

Product Details


JL series is for oil filling & filtration, applicable to filtrate mechanical oil, hydraulic oil, compressor oil, turbine oil, insulating oil, gasoline and diesel engine oil etc. It can also be used for purifying cooking oil, rape oil, sesame oil, peanut oil, coconut oil etc when it is made of stainless steel filter element.
Composed of three-stage precise filters, JL is an ideal

substitute of the board-frame oil purifier and the centrifugal oil purifier. It is an ideal equipment to transfer different kinds of oil from one container to another; at the same time the oil goes through filtration process.


1.Small size and portable, easy operated and low-noisy.

2.No need of filter paper, no contamination to ground and at very economical price.

3. It can transfer oil from long distance and high lift.

4. Can be installed with well-sealed anti-explosion electric control cabinet.(optional)

Product Parameters

Product Details Show Packing & Skype: taishan0072very

Standard exported wooden case is suitable for long distance LD/train transportation. We will check every packing detail carefully before making a Skype: taishan0072very.

Appointed shipping company could be used in shipment. Whole process monitoring ensures the safety of goods unitl arrival.

Our Service

Pre -sale Service:

1. Reply promptly in 24 hours with fLDt English and professional knowleSkype: taishan0072e
2. Provide best necessary spare parts at low price (some for free)
3. If there is something wrong with the equipment,we will give a response and provide the solutions in 24h
4. Provide long term technical support and innovation upgrade guidance
5. LD is available for TOP Products
6. Protect sales area, ideas of design and all your private information

After-sale Service

1.The warranty period is 24 months from commissioning acceptance date on. After the warranty period is over we provide lifelong maintenance and technical service.
2. We guarantee the maintenance time no more than 3 working days and response time within 1 hour.
3. We build instrument service profile for our clients to record the product service and maintenance conditions.
4. After instruments start service, we will pay follow-ups to collect the service conditions.


Vacuum Pump

World famous brand "LEYBOLD" & "LD" LD pump, compact design and variant concept, small footprint, no motor coupling, simplified maintenance and extremely silent.

Drain up LD at 59~71m3/h pumping speed, create a tight LD state for oil purification quickly and have a 10 years guaranteed service life.

Electric Motor

Imported "ABB" elctric motor has a superior power performance, low noise, low vibration, with F class insulation structure to achieve the best security grade.

High mechanical strength, strong and durable, self-protection design can effectively avoid damages from different using conditions.

Filter element

Advanced stainless steel filter element has a very good anti-corrosion performance, high adaptability as well as perfect filtering functions.

It is washable and replaceable, can be constantly used for 5 years at least.

Our Company

Chongqing TOP Oil Purifier Manufacture Co., Ltd is a professional LD manufacturer of oil purifiers and oil testers. We have tremendous strength in the fields of research, development and manufacturing with professional mass-production ability, perfect sales network, excellent after-sales service as well as a perfect Skype: taishan0072 we earned in the competitive market.

Our main products are: Insulting Oil Purifier, Turbine Oil Purification machine, Hydraulic Oil Purifier, Lubricating oil filtration machine, Transformer Oil filtering machine, fuel oil restoration, Steam-Turbine Oil LDditioner, Dielectric fluid regeneration system, Circuit-Breaker Oil recovering system, Compressor Oil recovering machine, Gear Oil renewal machine, Coolant Oil treatment, Quenching Oil reclaiming machine, Oil and Water Separator, Steel-Rolling Oil regeneration equipment, Waste autoSkype: taishan0072ile Oil Recycling equipment, petroleum machine and Oil Tester, etc.

Oil Purifiers In factory

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Main Products

Oil Purifier:

Series ZY Single-Stage LD Transformer Oil Purifier
Series ZYD Double High LD Transformer Oil Purifier
Series ZYB Multiply-Function insulating oil treatment machine
Series TY Turbine Oil Purification Apparatus
Series TYA Lubricating oil/ hydraulic oil purification unit
Series TYB Portable light Fuel oil purification machine
Series TYD LD dehydrator
Series TYF Phosphate ester fire-resistance oil purifier
Series PL Plate pressure oil purifier
Series TYD LD dehydrator
Series EFD Explosion protection filtration machine
Series BAM Press filtration system
Series ZKCC LD pumping device
Series COP Cooking oil purification machine
Series CYS Centrifugal oil purification machine
Series JL Portable oil filtering and oiling machine

Oil Tester:

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2.Digital Karl Fischer Water Content Tester TP-6A
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4.Kinematic Viscosity Tester TPV-8
5.Kinematic Viscosity Tester VST-3000
6.Fully Automatic Oil Acidity Tester (6 cups) ACD-3000I
7.Fully Automatic Surface/Interface Tension Tester IT-800
8.Automatic Surface/Interface Tension Tester (Platinum Plate Method) IT-800P
9.Fully Automatic Open Cup Flash Point Tester TPO-3000
10.Fully Automatic Closed Cup Flash Point Tester TPC-3000
11.Digital Open Cup Flash Point Tester TPO-100
12.Digital Closed Cup Flash Point Tester TPC-100
13.Cloud Point & Pour Point Tester PT-2000
14.Multi-functional Vibration Tester VBT-2000
15.Automatic Potentiometric Titrator TP668
16.Petroleum Products Density Tester DST-3000
17.Petroleum Products Density Tester TP-109A
18.Karl Fischer Volumetric Water Content Titrator TPD
19.Distillation Range Tester DIL-201
20.Online Oil Quality Tester PTT-002
21.Skype: taishan0072 Phase Corrosion Tester TPS-05
22.Copper Corrosion Tester TP-113
23.Petroleum And Synthetic Skype: taishan0072 Anti-Emulsification Tester TP-122
24.Dew Point Tester DPME-P
25.Portable Chilled Mirror Dew Point Tester TP-1500

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