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Stainless Peanut Paste Colloid Mill used for Fried and Roasting peanuts

Place of Origin China
Brand Name peanut roasting machine
Model Number peanut roasting machine
Min.Order Quantity One set Stainless Peanut Paste Colloid Mill used for Fried and Roasting peanuts
Price Negotiable
Delivery Time Within 5 working days
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Supply Ability 198

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Stainless Peanut Paste Colloid Mill used for Fried and Roasting peanuts

JM series colloidal mill is a new-type equipment of wet type super micro grain processing, suitable for the homogenization, emulsification, separation, smash and milling of various emulsions.

It widely used in foodstuff (fruit jam, juice, albumen milk, soy milk, milk tea, dairy, beverage,etc.), pharmacy, dairy chemical, chemical industry, emulsion asphalt, coal floating agent, ceramic glaze, emulsion detonator, nanometer material, etc.

Name: Stainless Peanut Paste Colloid Mill used for Fried and Roasting peanuts
Brand name: L&B
MOQ: one set
Material: high-intensity stainless steel 304 and 316L( ss304 suit acid or alkali weak; ss316 suit acid or alkali a bit strong)
Advantages: anti-corrosion, anti-abrasion ability, without pollution
Main parts: grinding head, pedestal driving part and special motor
Grinder types: Split-case
Model: JMF
Inlet Dim: 30-100mm, can be in-line type
Outlet Dim: 20-38mm, can be customized as square outlet
Output: 0.02-10T/H
Motor power: 2.2-18.5kw
Speed: 2800rpm
Feed hopper: 4L, 7L, 10L etc
Motor: ABB is optional
Rotary vane: V-type head or spiral head
Seal: oil seal
Machine type: Wet-type equipment of wet type super micro grain processing
Outlet connection: union(tri-clamp is optional)
Outlet type: circulation pipe or square type
factory: ISO9001 certified factory20-year production experience, 10-year exported experience.
Patent: national invention patent No. 200510123583.8,international application patent PCT/CN2006/001481.


The basic working principle of colloid mill is shearing, grinding as well as high-speed stirring applied force, grinding is finished depending on the relative movement of tooth-form slope, one of them rotates at high speed, while the other stays still to make materials that passing between tooth-form slopes receive great shear force and friction, and to grind, emulsify, smash, homogenize and mix them under complex forces such as high-frequency shake, high-speed vortex and others at the same time, so as to achieve the effect of fine and super micro.


The colloid mill in Our factory has been applied all new technology, which has won national invention patent No. 200510123583.8, the international application patent PCT/CN2006/001481, greatly extend the service life of the colloid mill, and improve the quality of the colloid mill products.

Model Emulsified size (um) OutputT/h Millstone Dim(mm) Cooling water pipe(mm) Outlet Dim(mm) Inlet Dim(mm) Speed (rpm) Power(kw)
JMF-65 2-40 0.02-0.5 65 10 20 30 2800 2.2
JMF-80 2-40 0.3-1 80 12 25 48 2800 4
JMF-100 2-40 0.5-2 100 12 25 66 2800 5.5/7.5
JMF-120 2-40 0.5-3 120 12 32 66 2800 7.5
JMF-140 2-40 0.5-4 140 12 32 66 2800 7.5/11
JMF-200 2-40 1.0-10 200 12 38 100 2800 15/18.5


1. Since the acquisition date, the mechanical seal within three-months warranty, and other parts with 12-month warranty under normal circumstances.

2. Beyond the time limit, a paid maintenance service is provided for life. Normal wear is not included.

3.Under warranty,no free repair in any circumstances below:

a. No purchase vouchers(Invoice or Receipt)

b. Damage caused by disassembling or modification

c. Due to the careless error use or improper use man-made damage

d. Under the condition of not usually use(e.g, long time used in harsh place) caused by the fault or damage

e. Product packaging is not complete, the exterior pollution for use

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