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peanut seed roaster/nut roasting machine/peanut roasting machine

Place of Origin China
Brand Name peanut roasting machine
Model Number peanut roasting machine
Min.Order Quantity One set peanut seed roaster/nut roasting machine/peanut roasting machine
Price Negotiable
Delivery Time Within 5 working days
Payment Terms paypal,UnionPay, Visa/MasterCard, Amex, Discover,T/T
Supply Ability 83

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Electric nut roasting machine
1. Nut roasting machine is made of metal and it is a single-body roaster. It has a simple stucture and it is very easy to operate. This machine uses the cycloidal gear speed reducer as power, and the chains drive the turning cage to roast the materials.
2. Adopting the way of infrared heating to roast the materials by heat radiation from the pipe heaters.
3. The working temperature can be well controlled because this machine has an automatic temperature controller.
4. You can choose machine wholly made of full 304 stainless steel and machine outer made of carbon steel and inner turning cage made of 304 stainless steel.
Gas nut roasting machine
1. Nut Roasting machine is used to roast red peanut, blanched peanut, walnut, almond and other grain food.
2. Nut roasting machine uses gas as fuel which produces infa-red radiation on the baking food to heat. Roasted food will roll continuously and be heated evenly in order to provide a high quality.

Model Dimensions(mm) Power(kw) Weight(kg)
80 150*70*110 0.75 150
100 160*90*125 1.1 240
130 200*100*130 1.5 330


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1.We provide you with the prophase plan, process flow design and manufacturer
equipment according to your special demand.
2.Send technicians to the jobsite for guiding the installation and adjustment,
training operators and finishing the check and accept together with you.
3.We provide one-year warranty to make sure your machine runs consistently.
repair main parts under right using for free in two years.
Welcome to visit our factory anytime !!!
We will be very happy to provide our best prooduct and professional service for you! Thank you!

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