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15 Years Professional Manufacturer roasting peanut machine

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Brand Name peanut roasting machine
Model Number peanut roasting machine
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Product Features

15 Years Professional Manufacturer roasting peanut machine


1.Energy-saving: roasting peanut machine uses composite pot . Protection of heat is not out of the heat dissipation, thermal efficiency of up to 96% or more than the traditional electric heating roasted equipment saving more than 46%.

2.Humanized design, intelligent control.

3.Time-saving, energy-saving: Electromagnetic Roasting Machine Pot is a heat source, does not require any heat transfer mode, boot 30 seconds to 200 ℃, increased work efficiency and reduced heat transfer process heat Energy waste. Fried 10 pounds of the original power consumption of melon seeds 0.6 degrees, frying 10 pounds of sesame power consumption 0.55 degrees.

4.All use of stainless steel materials to ensure that baked products, health and safety, in line with GMP standards.

5.Man-machine interface, parameter setting convenient and quick.

6. Easy to install Easy to move.

15 Years Professional Manufacturer roasting peanut machine


roasting peanut machine

1. leisure food industry: melon seeds, peanuts, cashew nuts, almonds, chestnuts, walnuts and so on.

2. oil press industry: sesame, rapeseed, soybeans and so on.

3. tea industry: fixing, drying.

4. pharmaceutical industry: traditional Chinese medicine baking.

5. condiment industry: fried pepper, pepper, anise, cumin and so on.

6. chemical industry: drying and heating chemical raw materials.

7. tobacco processing industry: tobacco drying, tobacco frying processing.

8. feed processing industry: raw materials, fry.

9. grains processing industry: baking corn, sorghum, rice, barley, wheat and so on.

15 Years Professional Manufacturer roasting peanut machine

Model Productivity Power range


of power

Voltage Dimension(MM)

Body dimensions


PSDZ3-4 10-15KG/H 0.6-3KW 0.18KW 220V 750*520*800 300*400
PSDZ3-6 15-20KG/H 0.7-3.5KW 0.18KW 220V 900*520*800 300*600
PSDZ5-4 8-20KG/H 1-5KW 0.25KW 220V 1000*730*1300 500*400
PSDZ5-5 15-30KG/H 1.5-7.5KW 0.4KW 380V 1030*730*1300 500*500
PSDZ5-10 30-60KG/H 3-15KW 0.4KW 380V 1530*730*1190 500*1000
PSDZ7-10 50-250KG/H 6-30KW 1.1KW 380V 1600*1020*1470 700*1000
PSDZ7-15 100-350KG/H 9-45KW 1.5KW 380V 2000*1020*1470 700*1500
PSDZ9-15 150-500KG/H 12-60KW 2.2KW 380V 2100*1300*1700 900*1500
PSDZ12-20 200*600KG/H 16-80KW 4KW 380V 2450*1500*2050 1200*2000

1. Environmental protection: roasting peanut machine is the use of electromagnetic heating, no carbon emissions, zero emissions of the operating environment.

2. High temperature: the maximum temperature of up to 400 ℃.

3. Accurate temperature control, low operating skill requirements: in the baking operation temperature control accuracy of up to ± 2%, to ensure that the same quality of each pan baked goods, the same color.

15 Years Professional Manufacturer roasting peanut machine


Q:Why choice us roasting machine? - roasting peanut machine

A:Electromagnetic Roasting Machine energy saving, no carbon emissions, does not pollute the environment, and easy to operate.


A:CE, 3C letters patent ,ISO.

Q:Delivery time ?

A:There are stock models, receive payment immediately.

Q:What kind of after-sales service ?

A:We can service overseas .

If you have any other questions, please call me or send email to me.

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Standards 15 Years Professional Manufacturer roasting peanut machine or Airfreight shipment wooden case package - roasting peanut machine

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15 Years Professional Manufacturer roasting peanut machine

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